January  2007

DJ POPE ft. Lynette Smith "Addicted" (King Street) 

DJ Pope teams up with Lynette Smith for his new release on King Street, "Addicted" is provided in four strong versions, the "Spiritual addiction vocal mix" is an awesome track with intense vocals and an epic arrangement that starts offbeat and turns into a pure 4/4 banger with lot of energy. The "DJ Oji's instrumental" has the same vibe but without vocals and with extra percussions as well as beautiful organ chords, the "Addicted to love mix" is a gorgeous classic house track with great piano and an infectious soulful vibe. An intense "Reprise mix" closes the package.  (Franco Martinelli) 

JUSTIN IMPERIALE ft. Jerome From Paris "Piano daze" (Cabana) 

"Piano daze", the second release on Cabana Records, is a beautiful deep/latin track featuring an awesome paino performed by Jerome From Paris, on an irresistible percussive latin tinged groove courtesy of Esteban. The "Chicagos JazzE mix" from Abicah Soul's Stax and Skender Makota is an infectious jazz-funk gem, while Dom Navarra provides a smooth and deeper remix with extra melodic keys and vocals by A. Chambers.  (Franco Martinelli) 

DOM NAVARRA ft. Antonio "A thousand words" (Stalwart) 

Domenico Navarra teams up with his brother Antonio Navarra for his new track on Stalwart. The "Original mix" is a soft and infectious version with hot latin percussions, warm bass, strings and piano, along with an intense and soulful vocal performance by Antonio. The "H&H remix" is a beautiful soulful-funky affair for the dancefloor, while DJ Rocco provides a deeper, darker, techy and minimal version.  (Franco Martinelli) 

CHRIS FORMAN feat. Miss Patty "Jump N Shout" (Steal Vybe) 

Chris "Cee Rule" Forman from Steal Vybe joints forces with Miss Patty for his new solo project, "Jump N Shout" is a real dancefloor bomb with its irresistible funky vibe, catchy hip-house vocals and that infectious old school mood. The "Steal Vybe raggadeep mix" is a deeper and underground late night affair.  (Franco Martinelli) 

RACHEL CLAUDIO & NICOLAS VAUTIER "Do you even know" (Place Blanche) 

The new Place Blanche release is an hot vocal house track entitled "Do you even know" and provided in several strong mixes. The "Richard Earnshaw mix" is a solid funky track with powerful groove and wicked guitar, Gerg Kozo delivers a pumpin' electro infected dub mix, while Dom Navarra provides a smooth and deeper version, with hot percussions, warm keys and a sophisticate vibe. The powerful and funky "Original mix" is also included in the package, as well as the fresh "DJ Circle mix".  (Franco Martinelli) 

QUANTIC ft. Alice Russell "The sound of everything" (Lovemonk) 

The new Marula Soulfood series of 7"s from Lovemonk is the hot track of Quantic "The sound of everything", remixed by Watch TV and label boss Senorlobo. This remix is an essential early evening / lounge track, with an hot jazzy vibe, funky elements and a very intense vocal line performed by Alice Russell. The 7" includes also the "Instrumental mix" on the flipside.  (Franco Martinelli) 

VARIOUS ARTISTS mixed by John Digweed "Transitions vol.2" LP (Renaissence) 

John Digweed is back with the second release of the "Transitions" series, this CD is another essential choice for all the electronic house lovers, it presents 14 up-to-date tracks, including several titles that are exclusively available on this album prior to their full single release, like Guy Gerber's atmospheric mix of "Dana" by Chaim, David K's trippy "Bould de nerf" and two tracks from G-Stylz. The 70 minutes mixed set includes also tracks like "Mind games" and "The dreamer" from Abyss, Guy Gerber's "Digital memories" and Antena's "Camino del sol" just to name a few. Quality electronic music strictly for techy-house lovers.  (Franco Martinelli) 

VARIOUS ARTISTS "Abstract Latin journey" mixed by J. Papp LP (Nite Grooves) 

Summer's here !!! :-) This new album of the Abstract Latin Journey series is a fantastic musical trip into the fresher latin-house sound of the last few years. Julius Papp mixes a beautiful deep and sexy 14 tracks set, filled with warm latin rhythms and infectious soulful elements. The selection includes tracks and remixes from artists like Louie Vega, Ananda Project, Harry "Choo Choo" Romero, Kikko Navarro, Dennis Ferrer, Vision Questa and Julius Papp himself, just to name a few. This album is truly an essential choice for latin-house lovers.   (Franco Martinelli)   

RAW ARTISTIC SOUL ft. John Gibbson "Keep on shining" (GoGo) 

GoGo has been one of the most exciting soulful labels of 2006 and starts the new year releasing another quality gem. "Keep on shining" by Raw Artistic Soul is a beautiful track with an infectious soulful vibe and great vocals. The "Main soul mix" is a gorgeous musical journey with great live instrumentation, including a beautiful flute, brass, rhodes, synth, hot strings and that irresistible percussive groove that is a Raw Artistic Soul's classic ingredient. The Dub mixes are more pumpin' and underground affairs, two monster tracks with solid beats, massive sub-bassline and a killer deep-house vibe.   (Franco Martinelli)   

PANEVINO ft. Xavior "Don't waste my time" (Panevino Music) 

Panevino returns with the second release on their own label and the new track features the american singer Xavior on vocals. "Don't waste my time" is a solid funky-house track with a pumpin' groove, wicked keys, and an uplifting and intense vocal line. The "Dub mix" has less vocals but the same irresistible energy, while the "PV's not wasting time re-touch" is a more minimal affair with some great breakdowns and re-builds.   (Franco Martinelli)   

BOB SINCLAR "Champs Elysees theme" (Purple Music) 

Bob Sinclar's masterpiece "Champs Elysees theme" has been picked by Purple Music that is going to release it soon, enriched with some hot remixes courtesy of Jamie Lewis. The "JL Steppin' out at the disco mix" is a fantastic example of modern disco music, with solid beats, funky guitar, beautiful strings, rhodes and an infectious synth line. The "Steppin' out the organ dub" is a powerful groovy affiair leaded by a strong organ line. Radio and Original mixes are also included.   (Franco Martinelli)   

ALEX DIMITRI "The italian style ep" (LAY) 

Italian producer Alex Dimitri debuts on LAY Records with a very interesting EP that combines deep elements with an hot jazzy vibe and some soft electronic sounds. "Fly away" is provided in 3 versions, including the powerful and infectious Original Mix as well as the soft and delicate Reprise mix. On the flipside. "Whaz up" is a more pumpin' and funky affair, with female vocals and an intense garage vibe.  (Franco Martinelli) 

MYORE ft. Imaani "No more lies" (Intra Records) 

This is an hot debut for the iNtra Records label, "No more lies" is a good vocal-house funky track enriched by a great vocal performance by Imanni. The Soul Seekers remixes includes the powerful and soulful infected Club mix as well as an hot Dub and the "Radio Edit". The "Avalon Superstar remix" is a stronger and pumpin' affair, with a driven groove and filtered wicked sounds.   (Franco Martinelli)   

BLISS "EP 2" (Nite Grooves) 

This is a very interesting EP from Bliss, "EZ one" is provided in two hot mixes, the one that opens the record is a beautiful jazzy cocktail-lounge track with warm conga groove, minimal jazzy scattin vocal and hot clarinet, sax and guitar solos. "LMI" is a darker and electronic affair, with soft percussions and warm synth sounds, On the B side "Aura soma" is an electronic and sperimantal thing, while the record is closed with the Original mix of "EZ one" a broken-beats version that takes us back to some jazzy atmospheres.   (Franco Martinelli)   

GROOVE LEGION  "The body moving" (Naughty Boy Music) 

This new track produced by Northy Cotto is a real dancefloor bomb, the "Body bumpin' tribal mix" is a powerful groovy track with an irresistible tribal groove, massive synth bass, electronic drops and a catchy filetred spoken words vocals. The "N Y throwback mix" is a more underground and darker affair and takes us back to the classic NY house style of the 90's. An electronic "Strobe light mix" closes the record.   (Franco Martinelli)   

FREAKQUENCE LAB & CAMBIS ft. Kwame "Love will find a way" (White Lotus) 

"Love will find a way" is a classic and solid filtered-house track with a funky edge and infectious vocals. In addition of the solid Original Mix there are some hot remixes included in the package, Christian Alvarez provides a pumpin' re-work heavenly infected with some wicked 80's elements, while the "Secret soul mix" is a powerful and irresistible funky affair. An electronic, minimal and darker "Bee lowl mix" closes the package.   (Franco Martinelli)   

December  2006 

GROOVE JUNKIES & Andy Caldwell ft. Alexander Sky "I believe in dreams" (MoHo) 

Groove Junkies teams up with Andy Caldwell and vocalist Alexander Sky for their new release on MoHo, "I believe in dreams" is a powerful vocal house track provided in four strong versions. The "Original mix" is an hot groovy track with an infectious deep vibe, the "Groove Junkies MoHo mix" is a more funky stuff, with great sax and horns parts, the "Andy Caldwell deep mix" is a powerful and more electronic affair, while the "GJ 808 altrnate mix" is a cool old school infected track with great atmosphere and broken beats groove.   (Franco Martinelli)   

JUSTIN IMPERIALE "Deeper than EP" (Cabana) 

What a great debut is this for Cabana Records, Justin Imperiale provides a fantastic 3 tracks ep of pure deep house sound. "Deeper than" is a sexy late night journey with warm keys, soft percussions, beautiful piano and an intense sax solo, "Jazz a nova" is a jazzy infected affair, with hot Rhodes keys, great piano and a cool funked up guitar, while "From above" is a smoother and relaxing track featuring the beautiful flute of Joni Love.   (Franco Martinelli)    

MELCHYOR A. "One day" (GKF) 

Melchyor A 's new release on Gotta Keep Faith is a beautiful and intense deep track provided in two hot mixes, the "Main mix" is a cool groovy affair with solid beats, hot chords, intense warm atmosphere and infectious vocal line in spoken words style. The "Jazz'n'groove beat mix" is a soulful and jazzy affair, with warm Rhodes keys, that same spoken words vocals and a warm sax solo.   (Franco Martinelli)    

JESSE JAMES PROJECT "New beginning / Con ella" (Seed) 

Seed Records's second release is another deep gem, the new Jesse James Project EP includes two very hot tracks, "New beginnings" is a smooth, sophisticate track with an infectious late night mood, deep bass, Rhodes keys, warm organ and intense flute parts, while "Con ella" is a more jazzy broken beats affair.   (Franco Martinelli)   


The new USB Records release is a classic vocal house track provided by Paris Brightlwdge, "Searchin" has solid funky beats, driven groove, great piano line, warm strings and beautiful vocals. The "Instrumental mix" is a more piano affair with no vocal parts, while an useful "Accapella mix" is also included in the package.   (Franco Martinelli)   

JAMIE ANDERSON "Time is now" (NRK) 

UK tech-veteran Jamie Anderson gets his 2004 underground track "Time Is Now" remixed by Radio Slave. Matt Edwards,AKA Radio Slave, provides an epic, electronic and minimal 11 minute remix with pulsating beats, swirling keys and warm ambience pads. The beautiful 2004 "Original mix" with its solid driven groove and infectious disco strings is also included in the package.   (Franco Martinelli)   

CHRIS FORMAN "Rated X" (Raisani) 

Steal Vybe's Chris Forman releases his brand new track on Raisani Records. "Rated X" is a powerful hip-house track with a soulful edge and an infectious old school vibe. The "Original mix" is a solid pumpin' track for the dancefloor, with wicked old school sounds that perfectly fits with the hip-hop vocals, while the "Steal Vybe soulful mixes" (Vocal and Dub) are more smooth and warm affairs.

MARTIJN TEN VELDEN & LUCIEN FOORT "Bassification" (Toolroom trax)

This powerful floorfiller is provided by Martijn ten Velden and Lucien Froot, "Bassification" is a pumpin' track with solid groove, poweful bassline and hooky bleeps. The "MTV Mix" is a more electronic and darker affair, while the "Lucien Foort mix" is an infectious deeper groovy track.   (Franco Martinelli)   

THE SOULSEEKERS "Unconditionally" (Reelgroove) 
The third Reelgroove release is another brilliant soulful gem, the "Original mix" is a beautiful track with a warm soulful vibe enriched by an intense and infectious vocal line. The "Instrumental mix" has the same soulful elements without the vocals, while Davidson Ospina offers an essential remix to the package, with solid beats, funky bassline and a deeper vibe.   (Franco Martinelli)   

MARTIN SOLVEIG "Something better" (d:vision)

Martin Solveig is back with a very strong new single that features Jay Sebag on vocals and includes two powerful remixes courtesy of Julien Jabre. The "Original Club mix" is a groovy track with a funky edge in a classic Solveig style. On the flipside, the Julien Jabre remixes (Club an Dub) are pumpin' and irresistible dancefloor bombs, with powerful beats, a driven synth bassline and some wicked electronic sounds.   (Franco Martinelli)  

VARIOUS ARTISTS "Europa Soul Vol.2" (Waking Monster)

"Europa Soul Vol.2" is a fresh latin tinged and jazzy infected 2 tracks EP. "I forgive" by Nermin feat. Ayaah is a killer track with great vocals, warm bassline, hot broken groove and an infectious jazzy vibe. Greenwood's "Latin twilight" is a bossa-flavored track with a warm percussive groove, hot guitar and a beautiful jazzy sax solo.   (Franco Martinelli)  

LIFELIKE & KRIS MENACE "Discopolis" (d:vision) 

This long awaited record is finally released on a double 12". Vinyl one includes the well known 80's infected Original Mix that alredy caused serious damage on the dancefloors as a promo, on the flipside, the "Chris Lake remix" is a pumpin' track with a more electronic edge while the "A Hundred Birds remix" is a funkier affair. Vinyl 2 includes some very hot remixes, the powerful and essential "Kerri Chandler Bigga mix", the beutiful and deeper "Kerri's Dusty dub", a dark and electronic "Alan Braxe remix" as well as an incredible "Claude Monnet mix" that gives the track an irresistible 70's vibe thanks to a fantastic sequencer in perfect Moroder style.   (Franco Martinelli)  

BLACK LIQUID "Funky african ep" (Baldeelox)

"Funky african ep" is an hot 4 tracks ep from Black Liquid on Baldeelox Recordings. "Come enjoy" is a groovy track with infectious organ keys, funky bassline and a beautiful piano line, "Turn it up" is a deeper affair, with warm paino keys and tasty vocals, "Rice n beans" is another groovy track with lots of percussions, powerful bass and hot piano chords. The last track is "Funk Nigeria" a softer and deeper track with atmpshere pads and a warm percussive groove.   (Franco Martinelli)  

MARTIN BUSCAGLIA ft. A. Antunes "Cerbero, orgasmo, envidia & Sofia" (Lovemonk)

This is a very interesting records, the "Original mix" is a downbeat funky affair with tasy spoken words vocals in Spanish, the "Sumo rebounce mix" is a more dancefloor affair with an infectious funky bassline and some electronic elements. The "Boogie Corporation Balearic mix" is a warmer and atmopheric version, with hot pads and a funky edge, while the "Boogie Corporation Disco remix" is a pumpin' track with an old school electronic vibe.   (Franco Martinelli)  

FRESH 27 feat. Robina "Happiness" (PureFunk) 

The new Pure Funk Records is an hot release for Fresh 27 feat. Robina, "Happiness" is a solid soulful track with a pumpin' groove, warm pads, beautiful rhodes keys and tasty soulful vocals from Robina. The "Eyereel remix" is a more underground affair, infected with some warm electronic elements.   (Franco Martinelli)  

PANEVINO ft. Charles Dockins "The best of me" (Panevino Music)

What an awesome debut for Panevino on their own new label Panevino Music, "The best of me" is a fantastic soulful track provided on various mixes and featuring Charles Dockins on vocals. The "Original mix" is pure soulful delight, enriched by a stellar and intense vocal performance by Mr. Dockins, the "Dub mix" has less vocals but the same soulful vibe, while DJ Meme provides a beautiful Philly-style remix with great strings, horns and hot funky beats. A delicate and infectious "Reprise mix" closes the package.   (Franco Martinelli)  

VARIOUS ARTISTS "Ten years of NRK" (NRK 10) 

This special 2 x 10" release has made to celebrate 10 years in the business for NRK. The first record includes two classic NRK cuts from Francois K and David Alvarado. Francois K's "Time & Space" is an awesome and timeless piece of percussive, atmospheric deep house, while Alvarado's "Aire" is a dubby and deeper underground track. The second 10" features two new edits of NRK classics, the Shur-I-Kan Edit of Joey Negro's "The way" is a brilliant old school infected house track, while the Holder's “Player 1” track re-touched by Magik J is an infectious deep, minimal, electro affair.   (Franco Martinelli)  

JUKE JOINT ft. Thea Austin "Deelight" (Swank) 

Juke Joint teams up with Thea Austin for their new release on Swank Recordings. "Deelight" is a powerful funky track with a soulful vibe, the "Main mix" has solid driven beats, funky bassline and a brilliant soulful vocal line. Ananda Project provides three strong remixes taking the track into a deeper and groovy mood, with an infectious percussive groove and beautiful softer keys, while the "Macam's dub" is a pumpin' and dubby affair.   (Franco Martinelli)  

SMOKIN BEATS ft. Steven G "Show the world your love" (Smokin Beats) 

Smoklin Beats is back with a new vocal house track featuring Steven G on vocals, the "Original mix" is a classic funky house affair, with an hot piano line. solid beats, infectious bassline and a catchy soulful vocal line. On the flipside, the "Master blaster" mixes are powerful electro infected tracks with synth bassline and a "minimal" structure.   (Franco Martinelli)  

DJ MOOG "The funky side of the moon" LP (Gotta Keep Faith)

"The funky side of the moon" is a quality album provided by DJ Moog and available on Gotta Keep Faith records, This 9 tracks LP is a brilliant combination of deep sounds, hot funky rhythms and cool jazzy elements. Some of my favourite tracks includes the beautiful and groovy "Groove deluxe", the warm and deeper "Organic", the infectious "Welcome to the moon" and the funkier "Bring it all down".   (Franco Martinelli)   

MAGIK JOHNSON "In the next life / Shhh" (Magik Trax)

Magik Johnson launches his brand new Magiktrax label with an infectious, electronic and hypnotic 3 tracks ep. "In the next life" has bumping acid bassline, electronic sequencers, dark stabs and atmospheric drops on a very solid groove. "Shhh" is a minimal affair with a Detroit style vibe, wobbly synths and a quirky bass line, while "Shhh (Whitenoise dub)" is a deeper, tougher and darker track.   (Franco Martinelli)   

OREKID "Yesterday's gone" 2006 remixes (GuessRecords) 

Originally released in 2003, the "Yesterday's gone" 2006 remixes are going to be release very soon on Guess Records. The "Orekid 2006 remix" is a deep and atmospheric track with the sweet vocals of Lucie Cunningam, Spiritchaser's remix is havier, with a strong bassline and a beautiful breakdown, while Sole Unit provides a very tasty remix with a soulful touch.   (Franco Martinelli)  

DJ CIRCLE "My style ep" (Tri Circle Deep) 

With "My style ep" DJ Circle launches TriCircle Deep to give also consideration to his deeper and jazzy production skills. "My style" is a powerful deep track with solid beats, deep bassline, great keys, tasty vocal drops and catchy horns, while the "Greg Kozo remix" takes the track to a more peaktime sound. On the flipside "Get the rhytm" and "Groovin' through Munich" are both underground and groovy cuts with an old school mood and a touch of jazz.   (Franco Martinelli)  

MIX 2 INSIDE vs. JOHNNY COSTA ft. Jade Watts "Is not over" (Pret A Porter) 

Mix 2 Inside returns with another brilliant release, "Is not over" is an excellent soulful track with an hot funky vibe, the "Haute couture mix" is an intense version with a classic vocal line performed by Jade Watts, while the "Fashion club wear mix" is a more raw and funky affair. On the flipside Johnny Costa (aka the Flower) provides two tasty and pumpin' remixes with hot funky guitars, solid beats and driven bassline.   (Franco Martinelli)  

DENNIS FERRER "Transitions / Destination" (King Street / d:vision) 

This new single from Dennis Ferrer includes two hot tracks taken from his new album "The world as I see it". "Transitions" is a powerful and hypnotic track with a strong deep vibe and an electronc edge, it has an irresistible driven groove and great vocal drops, a real dancefloor winner. On the flipside "Destination" is a groovy journey through different music situations, with infectious harmonies and a french style accordion.   (Franco Martinelli) 

Di PASCALI "Breathe to fly" (Skipper Records)

What a great debut is this for French new label Skpper Records, "Breathe to fly" by Di Pascali is a wonderful soulful track with an infectious and tasty atmosphere as well as a delicious vocal line performed by France's new diva on the block Laia. The "Main mix" is a punchy soulful house groover with warm keys, guitar, hot brass and percussive beats. The "RK's dub version" is a solid driven remix with less vocals and some extra keyboards action.   (Franco Martinelli) 

SOLO "Groovin' tonight" (Hermosa) 

New York's native son Solo debuts on Hermosa with an hot funky track entitled "Groovin' tonight". The "Original mix" is a solid jazz infected track with an heavy groove, powerful bassline, hot funky keys and some spoken words vocals by Louis Hale. The "Justin Michael's 'deep tribal vibe mix" is an epic combination of deep afro-beat and percussion treats, while Blake Reary delivers a strong and infectious remix and Fabio Bacchini provides a solid funky re-work.  (Franco Martinelli) 

SANTI TOUCH "Eve (Never knew)" (Reelgroove)

Reelgroove's second release is a very hot soulful track from Santi Touch, provided in several mixes. The "DJ Meme vocal mix" is a fresh soulful track with an uplifting vibe, hot vocals by Kaydee and a solid funky groove, the "Ridney's mono lounge reprise" is a sophisticated and warmer instrumental version with great atmosphere and a cool jazzy vibe. The "Nikk Sharpe & Ridney's velvet disco remix" is a kind of dub mix, while Rob Hayes provides a solid remix with a warm synth bass and beautiful Rhodes keys that fits perfetly with the vocals. The deeper and jazzy "Original mix" is also included.   (Franco Martinelli) 

D. FELICE & D. MESS ft. Jay Mee "My kind of woman" (Delecto)

D Felice and David Mess team up with vocalist Jay Mee for their new release on Delecto. "My kind of woman" is a classic uplifting vocal house track with great strings, rolling bass, seductive vocals, electrifying lead guitar and solid groove. The "Juatin Michael & Darwin Paul's hermosa mix" is an infectious groovy affair, while Playmaker and Misha Daniels provides two strong and pumpin' remixes with an electronic edge.   (Franco Martinelli) 

RAW ARTISTIC SOUL "Cutting crystals" (Raw Artistic)

For his debut record on his own recording label, Phil Kullmann aka Raw Artistic Soul releases a deep and groovy trippy track entitled "Cutting crystals". This is an intense and minimal musical ride into underground territories, it has a warm nocturnal vibe, hypnotic percussive beats and dramatic organ keys. The track is provided in two similar "Main" and "Dub" mixes.   (Franco Martinelli) 

KNIGHTS OF THE ROUND TABLE "Good times" (Soulfunk Digital) 

"Good times" is a very powerful groovy funky track from Kings Of The Round Table, the "Club mix" is a funky house stuff with percussive groove, rhythm guitar, rolling bassline and a very tasty vocal line, while the "Disco mix" version is more a classic funky filtered stuff with catchy 70's sounds and big energy.   (Franco Martinelli) 

November  2006 

KENNY CARVAJAL ft. Lafayette "A higher place" (Phuture Sole) 

Kenny Carvajal teams up with vocalist Lafyette for his new fantastic soulful release on Phuture Sole. "A higher place" is provided in two mixes, the "Tea party vocal mix" is an intense version remixed by Ian Friday, with infectious groove and spacey soft synths, while the "Glide vocal mix" is an awesome soulful gem, with warm organ keys, beautiful piano, fresh percussion groove and a fantastic trumpet solo that gives the track an hot jazzy vibe.   (Franco Martinelli) 

RALF GUM "Easy" (GoGo) 

Ralf Gum is back with another soulful winner. His new release "Easy" is an intense track featuring New York's diva Inaya Day on vocals. The "Ralf Gum & ChrisP full vocal mix" is a classic soulful track with an infectious deep groove and melodic harmonies, the "Ralf Gum & ChrisP disco attack dub" is a pumped up affair for the dancefloor, it has solid beats, driven piano line, powerful funky bassline and hot disco horns. Raw Artistic Soul also provides two stunning remixes (Vocal and Dub) adding their trademark elements, including a catchy and warm percussive groove.   (Franco Martinelli)

GENE HUNT "In sound" LP (Little Angel)

Chicago's house music pioneer Gene Hunt releases his new album on Little Angel Records, "In sound" is a beautiful deep-house LP, smooth and underground, sometimes relaxing, sometimes more solid and groovy. The 11 tracks are mostly instrumental except for some vocals gems, including the awesome "Call forth your life" featuring Vanessa Nova, "Cry 4 peace" feat. Charles Glenn and "It's my thang" featuring Lafayette Parker. This album is a pure deep-house release with an high quality standard.   (Franco Martinelli)

KERRI CHANDLER "The promise" (NRK) 

Kerri Chandler returns to the NRK label with a brand new deep-house gem entitled "The pronise". The "Original mix" is an intense deep track with warm pads, delicate pianos, solid beats and a soulful and melanchonic vocal line performed by Mr. Chandler himself. On the flip, the "Bigga vocal mix" is a dryer and groovy affair, with powerful beats and hot bassline.   (Franco Martinelli)

LIQUID PEOPLE pres. DANISM "Afterdark ep" (MN2S)

Liquid People's new release on MN2S is a powerful double A side EP including two hot tracks. "LSD" is a solid and driven peaktime bomb, with great bassline and a dark & electronic vibe. "Kooper's troopers" on the flipside is a driven and groovy affair, with powerful synth bassline and a dark edge.   (Franco Martinelli)

FABIO BACCHINI vs REDSOUL "Nighfunk Voyager EP" (Starfunk)

This powerful funky EP released on Starfunk includes 4 tracks, 2 by Fabio Bacchini and 2 by Redsoul. All the tracks in this record are heavenly infected with the classic 70's disco and funky sound, supported by slamming and powerful modern beats that gives the tracks a very strong dancefloor potential. If you love the funky sound, this is the record.   (Franco Martinelli)

GECKO TURNER "Afrobeatnik" (Lovemonk)

Taken from the Gecko Turner forthcoming album, this single, released on Lovemonk Records includes also some hot remixes courtesy of Bugz In The Attic's Seiji. The "Original mix" is an interesting track that mixes together funky elements with an hot african vibe, including inspired female backing vocals and Gecko's spoken words performance. Seiji provides three groovy and pumpin' remixes, adding a different bassline and some techy elements.   (Franco Martinelli)

COCO & CABANA "Funky bassline" (Soulfunk Digital)

The new Soulfunk Digital release is a powerful house track from Coco & Cabana, "Funky bassline" is a bumpin' house track with a funky edge, driven bassline and spanish/balearic guitar breakdowns. The "Digital blast mix" is a more techy and electronic affair, while the "House mix" has solid house beats for the dancefloor and infectious filtered elements on an irresistible groove.   (Franco Martinelli)

DJ LEON EL RAY pres. GEORG NEUFELD ft. Agnieszka Gorgon "Who i truly am" (Gotta Keep Faith)

As written by Michael Fossati on spiritofhouse.com : Germany based Leon El Ray presents the uplifting "Who I truly am " by Georg Neufeld, featuring Agnieskza Gorgon who delivers a sexy vocal performance on this release that comes in four tasty flavors. The original is the choice for all of you that look for a bumpin' house groove with catchy keys and clever breakdowns. Cadatta takes the track to afterhours grounds with a deep groove and moody keys, while Franco Martinelli reworks the track into a fierce yet soulful stormer for the dancefloor. Closing down the package is the OGC remix that keeps it bumpy while adding some sweet electro ingridients and twisting it toward broken beats territory.

WOODY BIANCHI & ANDREA CARISSIMI ft. Brent St. Clair "Waiting for your love" (LAY)

Italian producers Woody Bianchi and Andrea Carissimi have teamed up with standout vocalist Brent St. Clair to create this soulful gem. The "Original mix" is a classic soulful track with solid beats and a beautiful vocal line, the "Jazzy dub" is an hot track with less vocals and a warm jazz guitar added, while the "Harlem Hustler Moogy mix" is a driven and pumpin' remix with an electronic infected mood.   (Franco Martinelli)

KERRI CHANDLER "I think of you" (Grei Matter)

The new Kerri Chandler release on Grei Matter is a fantastic vocal-deep track entitled "I think of you" and provided in several mixes. The "I love more bass mix" is a solid deep version with powerful bassline, solid groove and an infectious vocal line, the "Love sick mix" is a pumpin' affair, with that same wicked bassline, strings and a spoken words vocal line. The "Reprise mix" is a softer and soulful affair with warm Rhodes keys and sweet vocals, while the "The after thought mix" is a mostly instrumental dub mix.   (Franco Martinelli)

CHRISTIAN ALVAREZ & MAD MARK ft. Terry B. "Living joy" (Duff Note)

For his new release on Duff Note, Christian Alavarez teams up with Swiss producer Mad Mark and Terri B on vocals. This beautiful and fresh house track is provided in a large number of versions, from the solid and sunny "Original mix", the cool "Earnshaw's little big dub" with a beautiful trumpet and an infectious lounge vibe, Sole Unity's darker and pumping mix, DHC's peaktime remix and K-Bana's deeper and groovy mix.   (Franco Martinelli)

CENTRAL AVENUE "Need your lovin" (Gossip) 

Central Avenue (aka Andy Lee) returns to Gossip Records with this new soulful vocal house gem featuring Caterina Rea on vocals. "Need your lovin" is a classic soulful affair with great rhodes keys and an hot funky vibe. The remixes are more pumping tracks, Granite & Funk delivers an electronic infected mix with solid beats and big energy, while Hott 22 provides two irresistible funky remixes for the dancefloor.   (Franco Martinelli)

JON SILVA "Love in me ep" (Conya)

The new release from Jon Silva on Conya is a powerful 3 tracks ep entitled "Love in me ep". The title track is an hot and pumpin' groovy affair with an uplifting vibe and an infectious acid bassline for the peaktime moments, "Make it on your own" is a darker and hypnotic underground track, while "Virginia" is a powerful, electronic infected dub track with hot blips and a late night vibe.   (Franco Martinelli)

MOMENT OF TRUTH "Loving you is killing me" (d:vision) 

"Loving you is killing me" is a Salsoul classic who received the Harlem Hustlers and Gambafreaks vs Fedo remixes treatment for this release on d:vision. The Harlen Hustlers version is a modern piece of classic funky/disco track, with pumpin' beats to support the disco strings and the beautiful original vocals. On the flipside, Gambafreaks puts the original vocals on two electro and minimal pumpin' tracks, creating some very interesting and cool situations.   (Franco Martinelli)

THE GLIMMERS "Fabriclive 31" LP (Fabric) 

"Fabriclive 31" is a strong and alternative compilation with tracks selected and mixed by The Glmmers. The Belgian duo provides a very interesting and eclectic 21 tracks set that combines modern house grooves and electronic sounds, with rock and pop elements and other influences in a very intense 80's mood. The tracklist includes also some very hot remixes of classic 80's artists like Roxy Music, Freddy Mercury, George Kranz, Freez as well as many of their own tracks.   (Franco Martinelli) 

VARIOUS ARTISTS "Southport Weekender Classics" LP (Endulge) 

Southport Weekender Classics is the first release of a brand new compilation series on Endulge Records. It is a fantastic double CD compilation that reflects the roots of the event, including some unforgettable seventies soul and jazz funk tracks, as well as some late eighties and nineties classic soulful house tracks. This stellar compilation includes songs from artists like Melba Moore, Luther Vandross, Master at Work, Juliet Robers, GQ, George Duke, E-Smoove, Soul II Soul, Incognito, Phyllis Hyman, Sound Of Blackness, Loose Ends, just to name a few. This album spreads the musical essence of the Southport Weekender event from the real beginning.   (Franco Martinelli)

SEVEN HILL SOUL "Sonic love" (Barcoda) 

After the brilliant remix of "The sun goes down" Seven Hill Soul returns on Barcoda with an hot soulful instrumental track, the "Original mix" is a warm and delicate version, with wonderful keyboards, saxophone and flute parts that gives the track an infectious jazzy vibe. The "Central Avenue soulful mix" is a classic soulful tracks with solid beats, funky rhythm guitar and a dancefloor friendly mood, while the "Dub mix" is a darker and pumpin' affair.   (Franco Martinelli)

DJ MFR pres."West Coast excursion EP" (Transport) 

Taken from the DJ MFR's "West Coast Excursion" LP, this brilliant 4 tracks ep presents some hot deep and soulful tracks. "Reach 4 u" is a deep and underground affair with a beautiful driving bassline, warm rhodes chords and catchy vocal drops, "Salsa" is a latin infected deep track, "Soul symphony" is a solid funky/disco inspired track from Chuck Love, while "C'mon" is another deep track with a soulful edge and funky beats.   (Franco Martinelli)

VARIOUS ARTISTS "For the love of house" LP (Defected) 

"For the love of house" is the new compilation series from Defected, a triple Cd compiled and mixed by Simon Dunmore, that selected some of the 2006's chart successes, dancefloor anthems and upcoming favourites together on one definitive album. The three cds are hot mixed sets including tracks from artists like Dennis Ferrer, Martin Solveig, Fish Go Deep, Copyright, Ame, Akabu, Chris Lake, Pastaboys, Junior Jack, Jamie Lewis, Mr V , just to name a few. This album looks just like the 2006’s finest collection of funky House anthems.   (Franco Martinelli)

LAYABOUTS "Never be" (white) 

Layabouts presents another brilliant uplifting vocal track provided in two hot mixes. The guys have gone through archives and dusted down an old acapella, they added solid beats, a bumpin' funky groove, hot bassline, deep chords, subtle acid line and this little gem titled "Never be" was born. The "Dub mix" is an instrumental affair, enriched with hot sax hook and peak time drops.   (Franco Martinelli)

SHIK STYLKO "Black Jack / Claritty" Rmxs (Realbasic Tracks) 

Here comes the "Black Jack / Claritty" remixes package, on Realbasic Track, the original versions from Shik Stylko receives here the remix treatent from 7th District and Adrian Martin. The 7th District Remix of "Black jack" is a deep and underground version with a powerful synth bass, infectious electronic sounds, noisy effects and a very dark vibe. Adrian Martin's remix of "Claritty" is a more uplifting and electronic affair, with a driven bassline, siren sounds effects and a percussive groove.   (Franco Martinelli)

VARIOUS ARTISTS "Undulation 2" LP mixed by Audiofly (SAW)

The second SAW's "Undulation" compilation is selected and mixed by the respected production team of Audiofly (Luca Saporito and Anthony Middleton). This mixed Cd is a trippy journey into the hottest underground, electronic, deep and minimal house music of today and the tracklist includes some very hot tracks like Layo & Bushwaka's "Less is more" and X Press 2's "Kill 100" as well as Audiofly's own tracks and other dark and intense cuts. If you love the electronic underground sounds, enjoy the trip.   (Franco Martinelli)

AME "Rej" (d:vision) 

"Rej" is one of the electronic - minimal anthems of the year. Alredy released on Sonar Kollectiv and Defected, now is available on d.vision too that released it on two separate 12" . The first record includes the infamous "Original mix" as well as the hot and infectious A Hundred Birds remixes. The second vinyl presents the powerful remixes provided by Pastaboys, that pumped up the track to an irresistible and massive driven remix.   (Franco Martinelli)

RALF GUM ft. Beate S. Lech "Warrior" (GoGo) 

Ralf Gum is back with another beautiful gem on GoGo, "Warrior" is a smooth track taken from Ralph's upcoming album and features the absolutely finest jazz vocalist Beate S. Lech. The "Ralf Gum & ChrisP house mix" is an intense and delicate version with infectious percussive groove, beautiful rhodes keys, strings and a warm bassline. Sugar Beat provides a cool broken beat remix, while the "RAW Artistic Soul dub" is a deeper affair. The vinyl includes also a "Ralf Gum bonus beat" track, while the awesome "RAW Artistic Soul vocal dub" and the instrumental versions are only available as digital download.   (Franco Martinelli)

2 BROTHERS OF SOUL ft. Daren James Bell "Thank you Jesus" (Mutated)

Spanish rising house team of the moment, 2 Brothers Of Soul joined the forces with the awesome vocal talent of Daren James Bell for the release of this beautiful record on Mutated. "Thank you Jesus" is a peak time preaching house track with powerful beats and a strong funky vibe, Stereo Mutants provides two great remixes, the "Etheric remix" has an intense electronic mood, with spacey pads, strings and their classic afro tinged groove, while the "4 am mix" is a deeper and underground version with an infectious late night vibe. A very gospel, paino, hand-claps and vocals "Churchapella" version is also included, as well as a powerful "Electricfire mix".   (Franco Martinelli)

ANDY HOLDER & ERIK DILLARD "Everybody dance" (Nuwavonic) 

This is the second offering from Andy Holder's Nuwavonic Records and it is another hot track. "Everybody dance" features Erik Dillard on vocals and is a solid house track provided in sevaral mixes. The "Original mix" is a powerful, soulful infected funky track with great Rhodes chords and an awesome saxophone. The Andy Holder's Nuwavonic Soul mixes are more groovy, with infectious percussive elements and a deeper vibe, the "Rumba mix" is a fine broken-beats track witrh a jazzy edge, while the "90s Renewal" mixes are powerful piano driven old school stuff.   (Franco Martinelli)

280 WEST ft. Diamond Temple "Lift him up" (King Street) 

King Street keeps releasing quality soulful house records and this new one is just another gem, "Lift him up" by 280 West is a brilliant jazzy tingrd soulful track with great vocals from Diamond Temple, soft rhodes keys, delicate strings and warm organ parts. The "Ian Friday tea party remix" is an awesome latin infected track with a great and relaxing atmosphere, while the "Mark's old skool re-edit" is an irresistible pumpin' version.   (Franco Martinelli)

CLAUDE MONNET pres. TORRE "Panache" (Purple Music) 

Claude Monnet debuts on Purple Music with an awesome release, "Panache" by Torre is a beautiful piece of quality house music with a funky vibe and an inspired 70's style synth melody. The "Main mix" has all these elements, as well as solid beats, infectious basslne and an inimitable 70's film soundtrack mood. The "Dub mix" goes a bit more electronic but keeps the 70's magic vibe, thanks to an infectious synth in a perfect Moroder style.   (Franco Martinelli)

Mr. FUZZ pres. Da Fuzz "Swing on deep EP" (GKF) 

The new Gotta Keep Faith release is an hot and infectious deep EP with a warm jazzy vibe, all the four tracks are involved into an intense late night mood, with great Rhodes keys, hot deep beats, soft bass, beautiful piano, jazzy guitar, warm percussions and that sexy female vocals in spoken words style. "Swing it" is an hot jazz infected deep and groovy affair, "Share one" has a more soulful vibe, "Tin roof love" is a smooth and sweet track, while the swinging "Swing it " remix features a fantastic trumpet solo. This record is a beautiful ride into deep and jazzy music territories.   (Franco Martinelli)

CHARLIE MAY vs SASHA "A seal clubbing" (Renaissence) 

If you're looking for quality electronic music, don't miss the new Renaissence release "A seal clubbing" by Charlie May vs Sasha. The "Original mix" is an intense and infectious journey into the softer side of electronic music, with warm synth percussions, soft pads and a that fantastic solo synth melody that creates an infectious and relaxing atmoshpere. The "James Zabiela remix" is a pumpin' electronic and trippy track for the dancefloor, he adds an irresistible hypnotic synth bass line, funky beats and wiked electro elements. A powerful and electronic "Tolfrey & sylvester's drama queen remix" is also included.   (Franco Martinelli)

October  2006 

K T BROOKS "Joy" (Deep Haven) 

"Joy" is another amazing soulful release from Deep Haven, K T Brooks vocals are awesome and both versions are hot. The "Main mix" is a classic and uplifting soulful track, with great organ keys, infectious bassline and a beautiful sax solo. The remix is more groovy, with an hot percussive groove, beautiful rhodes chords and a deeper vibe.   (Franco Martinelli)

KNEE DEEP ft. Sharlene Hector "Take me by the hand" (Knee Deep) 

Knee Keep teams up with Sharlene Hector for this new awesome vocal track titled "Take me by the hand". The "Original mix" has an is infectious summer vibe, with hot percussions, sweet vocals and a beautiful guitar that gives the track a warm latin mood. The "Knee Deep Club mix" is a funkier affair, with solid beats, an irresistible funky bassline, fresh guitar and that beautiful vocal performance from Sharlene Hector. The "Dub mix" is a more instrumental affair, while the "GM garito style remix" is an infectious broken beats verison. The simple and powerful "Sirrs! remix" closes the package.   (Franco Martinelli)

JESSE OUTLAW "Satisfacion" (Seed) 

The first release from Seed Records is a beautiful deep-house vocal monster, it has an infectious late night vibe enriched by a beautiful and intense vocal performance by Jesse Outlaw. "Satisfacion" is a real deep affair, with solid warm beats, great rhodes chords, beautiful paino and warm percussions. There are two versions on the official release, the "Vocal mix" and an instruemntal "Late night organ dub".    (Franco Martinelli)

KC JACKSON "All things praise" (Groovland) 

Grooveland Records from Brazil keeps producing quality house tracks with an deeper edge and this new release is another winner. "All things praise" by KC Jackson is an infectious groovy track with intense spoken words vocal line. On the remixes side, e.deep provides an awesome soulful infected version, with warm rhodes, hot gorove and deep bassline, the "Colored Groove remix" is a deeper and minimal affair, with great keys, infectious bassline and an hot underground vibe, while Bradford James adds his awesome deep and jazzy touch in the sweet "Subwaysoul Music remix".   (Franco Martinelli)

PEPPE LE FUNK "Peppe Le Funk ep" (Velvet Disco) 

Velvet Disco second release comes from Peppe Le Funk aka Paul "Ridney" Richards & Paul Nichol, and it's a powerful EP. "Le funk supernova" is provided in two strong versions, the Ridney mix is a peak time bomb, with solid beats and bouncing bass in a very French touch style, while Nichol's version is a more laid back affair. "Casino" is a very infectious trippy and hypnotic track with a French house vibe, wicked synth lines, vocal shouts and a filtred sax line.   (Franco Martinelli)

SILK STROKE "African attitude" (LookAtYou) 

Silk Stroke from South Africa debuts with a strong afro infected powerful track on LAY Records. "African attitude" is provided in two different but equally powerful mixes, plus a useful "DJ tool". The "Hotline mix" is a driven peak hour affair, with lots of percussions and big energy, while the "For the rainbownation mix" is a real funky gem, with warm percussions, guitar and a wicked sax.    (Franco Martinelli)


Chicago based Ringside Records new release is a powerful funky 4 tracks ep titled "Left hook" from Bryan Jones and Fabio Bacchini. The A side includes the Bryan Jones tracks "No dubt" and "Dutch moonshine", two hot tracks with a deep and funky edge in pure Chicago house style. Italian producer Fabio Bacchini provides the tracks on the B side, "Funky player" and "Night drive" are two powerful disco infected cuts with big energy and an irresistible funky vibe.   (Franco Martinelli)


Dan Berkson's new release on SAW is a strong electro funk track that takes us back to the experimental synth pop sound of Kraftwerk. "People" has that infectious old style electronic vibe, with a catchy synthesized melody, electronic percussions, synth bassline and filtered vocals. The package includes also an instrumental "Dub mix".   (Franco Martinelli)

PLASTIK FUNK "Be your man / Taboo" (Tipsy Tunes) 

Plastik Funk are back with a strong release that includes two powerful tracks provided in several mixes. "Be your man" is a peaktime affair, with big energy and an electronic edge, the Eddie Amador remix is a pumpin' house version with a powerful driven bassline, while the "Dan Marciano & Franck Dona remix" has a more funky edge. "Taboo" is another electronic infected energy track provided in two hot mixes.   (Franco Martinelli)

JENNY MORRISON "Brand new life" (Deep Haven) 

Deep Haven keeps releasing quality soulful music and this new record from Jenny Morrison is simply beautiful. "Brand new life" is provided in four strong versions, the "Original mix" is a wonderful piece of uplifting and gospel infected soulful track that perfectly fits with the inspired vocal performance by Jenny Morrison. Blvd East provides an amazing and intense soulful remix, while the Fuzion remixes (Vox and Dub) are more pumpin' and dancefloor friendly affair.    (Franco Martinelli)

SOLU MUSIC ft. KAI MARTIN "I feel / Me'soque" (Solu)

The new Solu Music release is a strong EP including Chris Brann remixes of "I feel" as well as the Jask's remix of "Me'soque". "I feel" is an intense deep house track with beautiful vocals by Solu diva Kai Martin, warm pads and an infectious relaxing vibe. Jask's quality house trademak is clear on his remix of "Me'soque" a sunny latin tinged track with hot guitar, solid house groove filled with percussions and a sexy saxophone. The totally latin Original version of the track is also included.   (Franco Martinelli)

LUCILLA "The sun goes down" (Barcoda) 

Barcoda's third release is another excellent soulful infected record provided in several mixes. The "Central Avenue's main mix" is a classic vocal house track with solid beats, funky bassline and an hot latin tinged piano line, while the "Dub mix" is a more pumpin' affair. The "Seven hills soul mix" is a sweet and beautiful soulful version with a cool relaxing vibe, the "Soulbasic mix" goes deeper, with its intense rhodes keys on a warm and irresistible percussive groove, while the "4 luv mix" is another excellent soulful version.   (Franco Martinelli)

DJ SHAFUNK "Jonko vibes EP" (Gotta Keep Faith)

For his first release on Gotta Keep Faith Records, Dutch DJ and producer Shafunk provides a brillaint 6 tracks ep of quality deep house music infected by some hot funky, jazz and latin elements. "Long jons" is an infectious deep track with warm percussive groove and beautiful rhodes chords, "Beyond matter" is a more groovy affair, filled with hot female vocals and a fresh latin vibe. "Don't ever forget" is a solid deep track while "Studio 45" is a pumpin' cut with a funky edge and a poweful driving bassline. "Preparty detune" is a disco infected track with a deep mood and "Happiness" floats into more deeper and underground territories.   (Franco Martinelli) 

LIL' DEVIOUS "Tonight" (DSR)

The new Lil' Devious release is a solid track entitled "Tonight" and released on DSR. This powerful vocal house track is provided with an hot set of remixes, Richard Earnshaw delivers a strong pumpin' and filtered version with disco inspired strings and a cool old school vibe, the "Playmaker Sweden remix" is an electronic infected bumpin' mix for the peaktime moments, while the "Elektro Organic remix" is a beautiful "full funky" affair, with an irresistible rhythm guitar, funky bassline and solid beats. The original "Lil' Devious dub" version is also included.   (Franco Martinelli) 

DJ CIRCLE - Sundance EP (TriCircle)

DJ Circle lauches his own label TriCircle with a powerful EP titled "Sundance". The title track is a an hot groovy track infected with warm and deep elements, including a beautiful trumpet, piano and great strings. On the flipside "Can you feel it" is a pumpin' house track provided in Vocal and Instrumental mixes, this hot funky track features Shola Phillips on vocals and sperads a large dose of energy.   (Franco Martinelli)

MARK KNIGHT "Toolroom Knights EP" (Toolroom Trax) 

Toolroom Knights is the first EP of a new series lauched by Toolroom, this first release includes 3 powerful tracks from Mark Knight and some of the hottest names in the Toolroom roster. First track is "Susan" from Mark himself, an irresistible drivin track for the peaktime moments, the second cut "Crunch" sees Mark Knight team up with Richard Dinsdale for a powerful and raw electro winner, for the third track Mark teams up with Dave Spoon and the two provides an electronic deep and minimal track for the late night moments entitled "Afterhour".   (Franco Martinelli)

FRED J. feat. Melotronix "Position me" + "Outer space" (Mochico Primo)

"Position me" is a simple and effective groovy track provided by Fred J and featuring Melotronix on vocals, the "Main mix" is a powerful version that combines an irresistible groove with vocals and spacey pads, the "Vintage remix" is a more electronic affair, while "Outer space" is a deeper and darker electronic tune with spoken words vocals and infectious acid bassline.   (Franco Martinelli) 

BALAGE ft. Louis Hale & Dolores Petersen "Love we left behind EP" (Hermosa) 

The second release from Hermosa Records is a beautiful soulful and deep 4 tracks ep coming from Balage and featuring Louis Hale and Dolores Petersen on vocals. "Love we left behind" is a solid deep track with great vocals, driving groove, deep bassline, great keys and hot guitar, "How do we get to here" is an inspired soulful track with solid beats, soulful vocals from Louis Hale and an infectious relaxing vibe. "Thank you" is another impressive soulful affair enriched by the beautiful and soulful vocal performance of Dolores Petersen while "Impressions" is an awesome instrumental track featuring Balage and his hot guitar, a brilliant example of jazz infected soulful track.   (Franco Martinelli)

PHIL T. PROJECT ft. D'Layna "Love commandments" (Open Bar Music) 

The new Phil T Project record is a strong one, enriched by the great vocal performance of D'Layna and completed with an hot remix courtesy of Oscar P and Enrico Mantini. The "Original mix" is an infectious groovy and powerful track while the remix is an hot funky house affair with a soulful edge. The beautiful "Loveapella" mix is also included.   (Franco Martinelli)

MIX 2 INSIDE & Zahra "Show me a sign" (Pret A Porter Music)

Mix 2 Inside are back with the remixes package of their 2004 single "Show me a sign" featuring Zahra on vocals. The new release includes the beautiful re-edited "Original mix" as well as three interesting remixes. The Original re-edit is an hot funky track with great vocals and an infectious soulful vibe, the "Soul distractions remix" is a more groovy and deeper affair with great keys and a beautiful rhodes solo. On the flip side the "Ciko DJ love Isa remix" is a pumpin' track with a funky edge, based on solid beats, powerful bassline, extra live guitar and an hot sax solo, while Blind Sesation speeds up the track for a catchy pop infected version.   (Franco Martinelli)

ANDREA LOVE "Faithful" (Purple Music) 

Andrea Love is back with a new hot release on Purple Music, "Faithful" is a beautiful and intense house track with a great piano line, solid beats and that awesome vocal performance provided by Andrea Love, as well as the classic trademark musical touch of Jamie Lewis. The "Bar mix" is a brilliant piece of classic vocal house, while the "Bar dub" is a mostly instrumental version with extra percussions and synths.   (Franco Martinelli)

THE FACE ft. Nicki Richards "Keep it coming" (Def Mix)

Another legend is back these days, Dave Morales returns as The Face with a brand new single, years after the release of the timeless classic "Needin' u" originally released in 1998 and re-released in 2001 with Juliet Roberts on vocals. "Keep it coming" is a slammin' track with solid beats, heavy bassline, latin percussions, electrifyng keyboards and a powerful vocal performance courtesy of Nicki Richards. The "Instrumental mix" is also included.   (Franco Martinelli)

DJ DEALER  "The dance electric"  (LAY)

For 10 years DJ Dealer has been busy doing releases as either Juke Joint or Pounds Boys and now the LAY label boss is back with a new solo project. "The dance electric" is a solid club track inspired by the beutiful and timeless classic "IOU" by Freez. DJ Dealer provides 4 strong versions, with solid beats, powerful bassline, infectious vocal samples and that irresistible synth line from "IOU".    (Franco Martinelli) 

MONTANA EXPRESS  "Just don't know"  (Haiti Groove) 

"Just don't know" is the new release from Montana Express and Thomas Gold, it is a powerful and pumpin' deep track full of positive energy. The "Original mix" has solid beats, driving bassline, an irresistible funky guitar loop and catchy vocals, while the "Dub mix" is an istrumental affair filled with some infectious electronic elements.    (Franco Martinelli)

FRANCESCO DIAZ & DENNIS THE MENACE "In the sunshine" (Senorita)

"In the sunshine" is the first release of Francesco Diaz on his own label Seniorita and what a powerful release it is. This track is a solid peaktime essential provided in three hot versions, Raul Rincon delivers a strong filtered style funky house mix, the "Dennis The Menace remix" is a pumpin' electronic affair, while the "Francesco Diaz mix" is a beautiful soulful infected and groovy version.   (Franco Martinelli)

PHUNK ELECTRIC "More strong" (Sound Division)

This new Phunk Electric 10" titled "More strong" and released on Sound Division is pure electronic madness, the "Strongest mix" is hot energy, a simple and effective groovy track with powerful bumpin' bassline and a wicked synth line. On the flip side the "Fuzzy hair remix" goes deeper, darker and psychadelic for an essential late night version.   (Franco Martinelli)

KERRI CHANDLER & MONIQUE BINGHAM "In the morning" (Bigga Sounds) 

Bigga Sounds first release is a beautiful deep-house track by Kerri Chandler and Monique Bingham entitled "In the morning" and provided in several versions. The "Final raw mix" is a powerful deep and sexy track mix with solid beats, profound bassline and intense vocals vocals from Mr Chandler and Ms Bingham. The "Final bigga mix" is a fresher and soulful infected version, with different bassline and great rhodes keys, while the "Love lost" dubs are deeper and trippy filtered tracks with an infectious late night vibe.   (Franco Martinelli)

RAW ARTISTIC SOUL ft. Wunmi "Oya o" (GoGo) 

The new GoGo Music release is another brilliant track from Raw Artistic Soul, "Oya o" is an awesome afro tinged track featuring an unique and infectious vocal performance by Wumni. The "Main mix" is an outstanding afro beat track with lush grooves and beautiful live instrumentation, while the "Reprise mix" spreads a relaxing acoustic vibe. On the remix tip, New York's producer/remixer Alix Alvarez provides a driven and pumpin' rework for the floor. The digital release includes also some exclusive mixes.   (Franco Martinelli)

MAYU "Stretch my arm" (King Street) 

Japanese singer/songwriter Mayu, comes to King Street with an infectious debut single titled "Stretch my arm". The package includes two strong mixes, the "Mr V Sole channel mix" is a lovely soulful/electric version with great keys and a smooth bassline, while the "Eric Kupper stretch mix" is a gorgeus classic soulful affair, with solid beats, nice rubbery bassline and pure silky production.   (Franco Martinelli)

BUSH 2 BUSH "Jungle love" (SAW) 

Bush 2 Bush are back with another slamming release. "Jungle love" is a powerful electronic track provided in two different versions, the "Electric cow mix" has electro keyboard sequencing combined with solid beats, pop synth sounds and siren effect to please the electronic dancefloors. The "Elephant mix" is more house-oriented, with an irresistible driven groove, filtered sounds, vocals and infectious effects.   (Franco Martinelli)

W.V.P. pr. Mr Da Nos "Watching you" (Clubstar) 

"Watching you" is a serious big room peaktime winner, simple and effective, it has powerful beats, catchy vocal parts, wicked eletronic sounds and big energy. There are two versions on the record, the "Original mix" and a more darker "Dub mix".   (Franco Martinelli) 

MAX GRAHAM "Space Disco / Cosmic Funk" (Re*Brand) 

Max Graham debuts on his new own label Re*Brand with a very interesting 2 tracks EP. "Space disco" is an infectious and pumpin' track with solid beats, atmospheric space pads, electronic elements and synth bassline, "Cosmic funk" is a groovy and filtered track driven by a powerful bassline and infected with an old school disco vibe, as well as some powerful electronic sounds.   (Franco Martinelli) 

JORDAN RIVERA "Alegria musical" (Ospina Digital) 

Jordan Rivera's new single "Alegria musical" is an hot afro tinged track provided in several versions. The "Original mix" has an infectious afro vibe with percussive groove, warm flute and strings parts, as well as catchy afro vocals, the "Afro mix" is a driven and groovy dub version, while the "Ospina & Oscar P remix" is a warmer house version and Northy Cotto provides a strong piano driven, electronic infected remix. A powerful peaktime "Angel Manuel remix" is also included.   (Franco Martinelli)

VARIOUS ARTISTS "New York Club Anthems vol.1" LP (Star 69)

"New York Club Anthems vol.1" is a new CD series from Star 69, this powerful first CD is an 11 tracks collection of pumping peaktime tracks, provided in extended and dj friendly unmixed versions. This release includes some of the hottest New York's dancefloor anthems as well as some exclusive unreleased tracks like the Peter Rauhofer's unreleased remix of Donna Summer "Power of love" and Offer Nissim's brand new sigle "Perfect love". The tracklist also inludes Goldfrapp's "Ohh la la" (Rauhofer remix), DJ Bruno "People" (Hector Fonseca remix), Cevin Fisher's "Loe you some more", Rauhofer's "Believe in me" and the underground hit "Hot dogs in my buns", just to name a few.   (Franco Martinelli)

KEVIN YOST "Small town underground vol.4" (i! -Records) 

Kevin Yost is back with another hot release of the series "Small town underground". As usual, this compilation is an awesome mixture of deep house, techy vocal grooves and jazz-funk cuts with Mr.Yost providing a stellar collection of mostly exclusive and unreleased tracks from artists like STP, Peter Funk, Black Fuse, Euphonic 7, Big Sexy and of course Kevin himself. This very special release will be sold as a two CD set, the first CD will be Kevin's full mixed set while the second CD will feature dj friendly unmixed versions of all the 12 tracks.   (Franco Martinelli)

VARIOUS ARTISTS "Rob Mello's no ears mix" LP (Classic)

"No ears mix" is a very interesting compilation selected and mixed by Rob Mello. It is a 15 tracks release with rarities and unreleased mixes from the Classic and Music For Freaks catalouge,re-edited and re effected by Rob Mello that provides a solid, deep, electronic infected and sometimes minimal set of music. The tracklist includes tracks from Freeform 5, Gemini, Isolee, Chris Nazuka, IZ & Diz, Oneiro and more, as well as some tracks from Mello himself.   (Franco Martinelli)

DEEPSWING & DJ MEME feat. Linda Jackson "Lift up" (Generate) 

Deepswing's new release is another brilliant soulful gem, this time Eric Wikman teams up with DJ Meme and vocalist Linda Jackson to provide this beautiful uplifting track. The Meme's mix has the classic soulful vibe, with great strings, wicked funky guitar and the infectious vocal performance by Linda Jackson. The "Deepswing Original Power House mix" is an irresistible pumped up filetered version with a funky edge, an "Accapella mix" is also included.   (Franco Martinelli)

JOI CARDWELL vs. QUENTIN HARRIS "What it feels like" Danny Krivit Re-Edits (King Street)

Danny Krivit re-touches this beautiful track, addiing his fresh touch on the original edited parts and providing a 12 minutes brilliant deep track, the "Vocal reprise" is also a very fresh and infectious version. The record includes a "Quentin Harris unreleased Dub mix" too, it is an irresistible groovy track, with a powerful driven bassline, srings and some infectious electronic elements.   (Franco Martinelli)

VARIOUS ARTISTS "Go!!" mixed by Ralf Gum LP (GoGo Music) 

"Go !!" is the second GoGo Music label compilation selected and mixed by Ralf GUM, this hot 14 tracks Cd includes beautiful tracks from artists like Raw Artistic Soul, Sugar Beat, Roberto DeCarlo, Benny Pecoraio and Ralf Gum himself. The mixed set combines powerful groovy tracks and beautiful sweet and soulful cuts, fusing together the warm soulful vibe with infectious broken-beats, jazz and funk elements. Watching at the tracklist, all the latest GoGo gems are there, including Raw Artistic Soul's "Miami theme", "Fela Brasil", "Zaab" and the brand new "Oya o", as well as Sugar Beats "I'm a man" and "Undone", Roberto DeCarlo's "Magic star" and some Ralf Gum tracks, including the beautiful "Try me" and the forthcoming single "Easy", just to name a few.   (Franco Martinelli)

2 BROTHERS OF SOUL "Holidays" (Delecto) 

"Holidays" is a fresh and brilliant track from 2 Brothers Of Soul, Ruben Alvarez and Miguel Serra's Main and Dub Mixes are warm and soulful tracks spreading an infectious summer mood, with great rhodes keys, piano, percussive grooves and beautiful vocals from Aqeel 72. Stereo Mutants provides a very hot remix, adding their trademark afro infected groove and a wonderful guitar line, the "Piers remix" is another groovy and intense atmospheric track, while the "Cronic remix" is a deep and electronic infected pumped-up version for the dancefloor.   (Franco Martinelli) 

HYDEO KOBAYASHI "Shiroi Mayu" (Soulstar) 

Hydeo Kobayashi debuts on Soulstar Records with this super smooth deep house tune with japanese goosebumps vocals. "Shiroi Mayu" is provided in 4 beautiful versions, the "Hideo's deep mix" is an intense and delicate slice of soulful house with a deep edge, the "Cortez avantgarde mix" is a more minimal and groovy affair. Harley & Muscle provides a beautiful remix in their own trademark style, with warm rhodes and a solid greoove filled with warm percussive elements, while the "Yellow diamond's mix" is a smoother and deeper affair.   (Franco Martinelli)

SMOKIN BEATS ft. Camelle Hinds "Lady" (Smokin Beats) 

This new Smokin Beats release is a real hot record, "Lady" is a very nice funky track provided in several versions, featuring the solid vocal performance of Camelle Hinds, the "Disco club mix" is a powerful old school disco infected funky-house track, with pumpin' beats, classic piano line and filtered disco samples. On the flip side, the "Deep club mix" is a darker, groovy and deeper affair, instrumental and dub mixes are also included.   (Franco Martinelli)

VARIOUS ARTISTS "Soul Heaven" Mixed by DJ Spen and Osunlade (Soul Heaven) 

The new Soul Heaven series compilation is selected and mixed by the beautiful talents of DJ Spen and Osunlade. This awesome triple Cd is an essential album for the deep and soulful lovers, the two mixed sets from these two legendary DJ/Producers are wonderful journeys into the heart of the house music, combining perfectly the uplifting vibe with the deep and tribal flavours and fusing it all with some timeless classics like T Connections "Do what you wanna do" or Inner City's "Good life", just to name a few. As usual the third CD includes some of their own or remixed tracks in extended unmixed version. Two double vinyl 12" are also available.   (Franco Martinelli) 

MARK KNIGHT ft. The Black Beatnik "The reason" Remixes (Toolroom)

What an hot remixes package is this, Mark Knight provides a strong, dark an techy Toolroom Dub destinated to cause damage on the dancefloor, Rene Amesz & Peter Gelderblom delivers an infectious and electronic deeper version, while the Angel Anx & Aleksij remix is a pumpin' groovy track. The record closes with the beautiful "Jack Isand remix" version, this pure chillout / bar grooves bliss is a real gem with its warm infectious vibe and that irresistible sax solo.   (Franco Martinelli)

DAVE STORM as BLONDE BOND "Music is everywhere" (Cabria)

The new Dave Storm release on Cabria is a very brilliant track, "Music is everywhere" is a warm, deep and funky cut with an irresistible driven groove, wiked keys and spoken words vocals. The "DJ Meri Cyclon remix" is a pumpin' funky version with an infectious electronic edge.  (Franco Martinelli)

VARIOUS ARTISTS "Coast 2 Coast" mixed by Quentin Harris (NRK)

NRK launches their brand new "Coast 2 Coast" series with a killer DJ mix from risisng house star Quentin Harris. This double CD includes also a very interesting and useful bonus disk of umixed tracks. The Quentin Harris mixed set is very hot, a sophisticted, deep and eclectic house music mix featuring tracks of Kerri Chandler, Blaze, Byron Stingly, DJ Gregory, Franck Roger and many others. The tracklist also includes some classic tracks from the past that perfectly fits in the set, like the Pal Joey 1991 production "Ping pong", the 1982 track "Sharivari" and a fantastic mash-up with the Jacksons & Mick Jagger "State of shock" vocals over a funky loop from Franck Roger’s “Bone of my bone”.   (Franco Martinelli)

September  2006 

GROOVE JUNKIES ft. Indeya "Oh Lord 2006" (MoreHouse) 

Originally released in 2003, this new remixes package of "Oh Lord" is very hot. The "GJ unreleased sunday morning mix" is a powerful gospel infected uplifting version, while DJ Spen provides two awesome remixes (Vocal and Dub), adding his unique trademark touch, with solid beats and beautiful organ solo that perfectly fits with Indeya's fantastic soulful vocal performance. The "Park St. sermon mix" is a strong funky version with great spoken words vocals added.   (Franco Martinelli)

LENNY FONTANA "R U Ready" (Velvet Disco)

What a great debut for Velevet Disco Records, "R U Ready" is a very hot track from legendary Lenny Fontana and it is provided with a solid remixes package from some of the best up and coming names in house. The "Lenny's 2006 re rub" is a slice of classic house music featuring the beatiful and inspired vocal performance from Zhana. The Kid Massive remix is a powerful chunky version, while Dom Navarra delivers a beautiful soulful and chilled remix and Deep Josh & Franco Mulero provides an irresistible peak time club version.   (Franco Martinelli)

VARIOUS ARTISTS "Martin Solveig in the House" LP (Defected)

The new release from the "Defected In the House" series is another fantastic album selected and mixed this time by French DJ/Producer Martin Solveig. The triple CD includes two strong mixed sets as well as the usual unmixed DJ friendly third CD that includes many of the Solveig's classics in extended version. Solveig confirms to be one of the most eclectic and fresh DJs of our times, presenting an album of cosmopolitan house grooves and funk-fuelled party beats, where underground Disco sits beside deep pulsating House and uplifting vocal Garage. The package includes some hot today's hits as well as some unforgettable classics, featuring tracks (including several exclusives) from Martin himself, Bob Sinclar, Tiga, DJ Gregory, Mr. V, Dennis Ferrer, Salif Keta, Erro, The Chi-Lites, George Clinton, Jackson Sisters, KurtisBlow, Bugz In The Attic and many more across two CDs and two double vinyl LPs   (Franco Martinelli).

KEITH THOMPSON & SCOTT WOZNIAK "Don't wanna believe it" (Waking Monster) 

Keith Thompson and Scott Wozniak joint forces for the release of this driven and soulful infected vocal-house track on Waking Monster. "Don't wanna believe it" is a powerful track with solid beats and a fresh infectious vibe, Thompson's vocals is hot as usual, while the "Dub mix" is a more instrumental affair.   (Franco Martinelli)

MOOD LIFE "Call me" (USB)

"Call me" is a beautiful funky and uplifting vocal track featuring the talented singer Manuela Panizzo, who provides an intense and irresistible vocal performance. The "Original mix" is a classic uplifting house track with solid beats, strings and funky guitar, the "Marshall Jefferson remix" has an infectious soulful old-school vibe, while the "Romanc club mix" is a powerful and bumpin' peak time version.   (Franco Martinelli)

ROCCO "Heartbeat" (Shack) 

Talented French producer Rocco delivers a cutting edge new track for Shack Records, a minimal house track with an electronic edge titled "Heartbeat" and provided in two hot mixes. The "Martino's life support mix" is an hypnotic version with deep beats, dark keys and atmoshperic synyh waves, while the "Latin floor mix" is an hot balearc flavoured version, laced with sunkissed percussive beats and pretty key washes.   (Franco Martinelli)

OSPINA vs HAITI "We call it samba" (Haiti Groove) 

This massive latin tinged house track has born from the collaboratin between Davidson Ospina and Jack Haiti, the "Club mix" is a powerful and fresh latin house affair, with sweet vocals, warm percussions and an infectious soulful vibe, while the "Kaarud remix" is powerful groovy track with a latin funky edge and beautiful sax solo parts.   (Franco Martinelli)

SILICONE SOUL "Save our soul" LP (Soma)

"Save our soul" is the third Silicone Soul's album for Soma and it comes one year after the release of their successful "Staring into space" album. This new 14 tracks LP is an emotive journey, where the dark vibe combines perfectly with deep and hypnotic atmospheres infected with warm electronic sounds, house rhythms and live instrumentation. The mood shifts from atmospheric downtempo workouts to classic Silicone Soul uplifting cuts. Some of the best tracks are the prewiew single "The snakecharmer", "Bad machine", "Damascene moments", the forthcoming single "The pact", and the powerful "Margin for madness" just to name a few.   (Franco Martinelli)

FRANKIE KNUCKLES "DubJ's D'light" LP (Noice) 

Frankie Knuckles returns with a beautiful LP entitled "DubJ's D'light" (A remixed reality). This awesome album includes 11 Knuckles classics remixed by some of the most influential artists in today's house music scene. "DubJ's D'light" is an album created with Dub-style disc jockeys in mind, with minmal vocals and a great energy. From the beginning to the end this is an infectious and irresistible house music journey, all the tracks are beautiful, some of my favourites includes "Journey" remixed by Quentin Harris, the awesome "The whistle song" revisited by Eric Kupper, the "Gimme Gimme" remixes, "A matter of time" and "Because of you" both remixed by the brilliant Groove Junkies and the Shapeshifters remix of "I've had enough". "DubJ's D'light" is a very impressive album, one of the best of this year, so far.   (Franco Martinelli)

H&H and KEITH THOMPSON "Like a mountain" (Staf Production)

This is the second release from Switzerland's Staf Production label. "Like a mountain" is a powerful funky house track from British house team H&H and features the legendary New York vocalist and songwriter Keith Thompson. The "Soul Survivors mix" is a classic piece of funky house highlighted by the stellar Thompson's vocals performance, while Staffan Thorsell delivers a soulful infected mix, adding some warm rhodes chords, new bassline and a very hot funky guitar.   (Franco Martinelli)

SHIK STYLKO "Black jack / Claritty" (Real Basic Tracks)

Sebastian Krieg and Roman F. aka Shik Stylko are back with another hot 2 tracks ep on Real Basic, "Black jack" is a pumpin' track with driven house groove, powerful synth bass, electronic elements and an infectious old school vibe. "Claritty" is a more funky and groovy affair, infected with some raw electronic sounds and a driven piano line.   (Franco Martinelli)

MoD "Funky drive" (MoD Digital)

MoD returns with an hot new release on his Digital Label, "Funky drive" is a classic driven and funky track with a soulful vibe. The package includes also an hot "Fabio Bacchini remix", the Italian producer/remixer gives the track a warmer and infectious soulful vibe, adding some new elements and a brand new bassline performed by Patrick Lindeen.   (Franco Martinelli)

VARIOUS ARTISTS "Connected" mixed by Bobby & Steve (ITH/Defected) 

Connected is the new compilation series from Defected and for the third release sees the legendary UK duo Bobby and Steve celebrate their 15 years at Garage City, one of the finest soulful dance music parties in the UK. This album is a fantastic compilation of timeless classics and new house tunes, for a total of 42 hot tracks in 3 CDs, two mixed by this fantastic duo and the third one including some of the hottest tracks in extended unmixed version. There are too many gems that deserves to be mentioned here, from the new "Optimistic" release by Bobby D'Ambrosio and the beautiful "The way you love me" by Ron Hall, to the some classics from Ten City, Melba Moore, George Kranz, Linda Clifford, Kym Mazelle, Inner City, Lony Clark and many others, including Mr. V's recent release "Da Bump", DJ Fudge new track "Mechouga" and of course some of the Bobby & Steve produced tracks. This album is essential for all the soulful and garage music lovers.   (Franco Martinelli) 

STYLE OF EYE "We got you" (Stylus) 

Swedish team Style Of Eye presents their new release on Stylus and the package includes a rich number of hot remixes. "We got you" is a powerful 80's infected funky track with a pop/rock tinged vocal line. The Davidson Ospina's "Ospina jack remix" is a funky-house winner, while King Unique's electronic remixes are strong, dark and powerful tracks for the harder floors.   (Franco Martinelli) 

STEREO MUTANTS "I wonder" (Diamondhouse) 

The third Diamondhouse release comes from British hot team Stereo Mutants, "I wonder" is a beautiful house track provided in several mixes. The "Original mix" is an intense and groovy track with catchy vocals and a warm atmosphere, the "Casa Nostra remix" is a solid version with percussive groove, strings, hypnotic synths and a beautiful rhythm guitar. The "Afro strings mix" is fresh and sunny, with great pads and piano, while the "Treasure room superlo remix" is a deeper version with great funky bassline and an infectious underground vibe.   (Franco Martinelli)

MINISTER DE LA FUNK "Believe 2006" (Oxyd) 

Oxyd's remix package 2006 of "Believe" by Minister De La Funk is a very hot record. Flower Power provides an irreistible, hypnotic, electronic infected underground track with an high dose of pure energy and a great breakdown. The Lys remixes are more peak time affairs, powerful and electronic infected as well.   (Franco Martinelli)

LATRICE "Illuminate" LP (Ultra)

Latrice Barnett is one of the West Coast house music's greatest vocalists, her new album "Illuminate", released last summer, is written and produced with San Francosco's top djs and producers Jay-J and Kaskade. This is a record that perfectly mixes the West Coast soulful and deep house sound with some warm jazzy and R&B elements as well as some broken beats and funky rhythms. "Illuminate" is a brilliant release, a beautiful and classy album enriched by the great vocal performance of Latrice. The 16 tracks LP includes some of her past singles like "Make my heart" and "Love is" as well as some brand new beautiful tracks.    (Franco Martinelli)

ANDY HOLDER ft. Carl Stanley & Lone Catayst "Uncivilised people" (Nuwavonic) 

Andy Holder launches his own digital label Nuwavonic releasing this beautiful track entitled "Uncivilised people". He joined forces with hip-hop vocalist J. Sands (from Lone Catalyst) and talented jazz musician Carl Stanley and the result is absolutely awesome. The "Original mix" is an excellent funky/soulful track with a driven funky groove, great sax and an infectious jazzy vibe, the "Carl Stanley's Spirit mix" is a warmer and soulful gem, with great rhodes chords, organ, hot saxophone and intense spoken words vocals. Andy Holder himself provides 3 hot mixes, the beautiful "Inner city vocal mix" has solid beats, warm pads, sweet paino and an infectious deep vibe, the "Inner city dub" is a fresher and brighter dub mix, while the "Prime time dub" is a more groovy affair.   (Franco Martinelli)

MATTHEW BANDY & ALEXANDER EAST "In the morning" (Franchise Player) 

Franchise Player is a sublabel of Swank Recordings and this is the debut release. "In the morning" by Matthew Bandy & Alexander East is a beautiful and quality deep house track, the "Original mix" is a powerful dancefloor affair, with bumpin' groove, funky bass and infectious vocals, the "Matthew Bandy's dub" is a solid deep and groovy dub track, while the "Alexander's trip mix" is a deep and trippy soulful infected late night affair.   (Franco Martinelli)

GREG KOZO & FREAKFAZE feat. Karl The Voice "Dandy Dancer" (Place Blanche) 

The new Greg Kozo release "Dandy Dancer" is a brilliant track provided in 4 different but equally hot mixes. The "Original mix" is a powerful and fresh vocal track that perfectly combines the house rhythms and the funky vibe with some hot electronic synths sounds. The "Richard Earnshaw remix" is a powerful and groovy peak time floorfiller with less vocals and an infectious vibe, Dom Navarra provides a beautiful and intense deeper mix, while the "Rachel Claudio & Nicolas Vautiers mix" is a wicked broken beats affair.   (Franco Martinelli) 

FUNK MONKEYS "In & Out / What" (Bird Ice) 

Bird Ice Records returns with a powerful and wicked 2 tracks ep from Funk Monkeys, Both tracks has a strong electronic and minmal vibe, "In & out" is a groovy cut with a powerful fuzzy bassline and infectious groove, while "What" is a driven electronic track with strange raw synths and hot blips.   (Franco Martinelli)

GROOVELIKER & JAKUB RENE KOSIK "Feels so good" (Prog City) 

This special limited one-side record on ProgCity is a deep electronic track from Polish djs/producers Grooveliker and Jakub Rene Kosik. "Feels so good" is an infectious late night track with an ultra low kick drum, unique groove, wicked synths and infectious freaky spoken male vocals.   (Franco Martinelli) 

PAUL MURPHY "The trip" LP  (Afro Art)

Paul Murphy's new album "The trip" is a beautiful and quality jazz infected 10 tracks LP just released on AfroArt Records. It is a wonderful selection of tracks dominated by a cool jazzy vibe combined with infectious rhythms, ethnic elements, awesome bass lines provided by Davide Mantovani, hot vibraphone from UK jazz musician Roger Beaujolais, horns and a few electronic elements. Some of the best tracks includes the fresh "Soul call" where funky meets acid jazz, the intense "Budapest Chachacha" with vocals from Hungarian's Secta Chameleon, the infectious title track "The trip" and the delicate and athmospheric "Mr. Cosmic", just to name a few. This album is a beautiful musical journey to the edge of Acid Jazz and back.   (Franco Martinelli)

JUSTIN MICHAEL feat. Jackie Wilson "Funky love" (Swank) 

Justin Michael is back with another brilliant release on Swank Records, "Funky love" is a beautiful funky/soulful track provided in 4 mixes and featuring a great vocal performance by Jackie Wilson. The "Original mix" is awesome, with solid beats, warm rhodes, sweet vocals and a powerful funky bassline, the "JM's Hrermosa mix" is a more pumping and funky stuff, while the "Born To Funk remix" is a fresher uplifting summer affair with an awesome piano line and percussive groove. The record closes with the deeper and infectious "Macam's dream dub".   (Franco Martinelli)

BAH SAMBA "The House Mixes 1996-2006" LP (BKO) 

This double CD is simply awesome, it is a collection of the best house mixes of Bah Samba's songs from the past 10 years. The album features classic tracks like "Portuguese love", "And it's beautiful", "So tired of waiting", "Calma", "Let the drum speaks", alongside more recent releases like the current single "Morris", remixed by some of the heavyweights of house music, including Louie Vega, Jon Culter, Quentin Harris, Osunlade and Phil Asher. Also included are some remixes made by Bah Samba for Alexander O'Neal's "Lord" and "Maxine Braham's "If", as well as the band's recent collaboration with The Fatback Band "Spanish hustle".   (Franco Martinelli)

RICHARD EARNSHAW feat. Imogen Ryall "Summer rain" (One51) 

Richard Earnshaw teams up with singer Imogen Ryall for his new single "Summer rain", the Original mix is a sweet and delicate soulful track with beautiful piano, infectious strings and an intense vocal performance. The "Club remix" is a main floor affair with extra synths and a driving pumpin' groove, while the "Dubtool mix" is a more instrumental peak-time track.   (Franco Martinelli)

LEVAN feat. Andrea Mocha "Keep me sweet" (Diamondhouse) 

Diamondhouse Records is a new and rising label from Germany addicted to funky and soulful house and "Keep me sweet" by Levan ft. Andrea Mocha is their second release. This is an hot soulful track with a funky edge provided in four different mixes, including a groovy and uplifting remix courtesy of Stereo Mutants, a powerful and darker "Casa Nostra tribe conquest mix", a totally electronic "Electric blaze hot shot mix" and of course the soulful and infectious "Original mix".   (Franco Martinelli) 

CORINA ARMEL "Deeper & deeper" (Grape Records) 

Corina Armel's new single "Deeper & deeper" is going to be release on Grape Records very soon. It is a powerful uplifting funky track enriched with the passionate soulful vocal performance of Corina Armel. The "Fingertrapp & Romy J Remix" is a classic disco house jam, with solid beats, chunky bass, funky guitar and lush sweeping disco strings, the Fingertrapp's "Classic mix" and "Dub" are deeper and sensual versions, laced with beautiful sax phrases, percussive beats, jazzy guitars and infectious funky bassline. The record closes with the delicate and wonderful unplagged acoustic version.   (Franco Martinelli)

JORDAN RIVERA feat. Shereetha Campbell "Memories" (Real Basic)

Jordan Rivera's new single "Memories" is an hot groovy funky track. The "Original mix" is a solid version with a driven and infectious percussive groove and beautiful vocals performed by Shereetha Campbell. DJ Jeroenski provides a powerful funky remix, infected with some hot electronic elements, less vocals, solid beats and wiked synts keys, while the "Shik Stylko remix" is a more groovy affair with extra synths and an electronic edge.   (Franco Martinelli)

POLYPHONICS feat. Hasina Sheik "Circles" (Essence)

Swedish producers Patrick Lindeen and Magnus Palmquist releases their new record on Essence, "Circle" is an hot pumpin' track enriched with powerful vocals performed by Hasina Sheik. The package includes also a strong "Timmy Vegas remix", a solid groovy version with pumpin' beats, infectious strings, piano and fuzzy bass. The "Polyphonics main mix" is a funkier affair, infected with some dirty electronic elements, while the "Smokin' oldskool mix" is a more classic and musical version, with a jazzy touch and a warmer vibe.   (Franco Martinelli)

CHRISTINA AGUILERA "Ain't no other man" Remixes (RCA) 

Christina Aguilera's "Ain't no other man" remixes package, includes some powerful reworks from some of the hottest names in the house music scene. Junior Vasquez provides a powerful big floor "Club remix", while the "Shape UK Nocturnal groove mix" is a darker and infectious groovy affair, Ospina & Sullivan adds their classic funky and soulful touch in their remix, creating a solid and uplifting track. Jake Ridley and Scotty K mixes are also included.   (Franco Martinelli) 

August  2006 

CENTRAL AVE "For only you" (Delecto)

This is another quality release on Delecto. Central Ave. provides a beautiful soulful funky track enriched with several hot remixes. The "Original mix" is a smooth vocal house track with an infectious soulful vibe, the "CA's Soulspinners mix" is a powerful funky version, while Ruben Alvarez provides a solid soulful infected remix. Oliver Nickels adds some electronic elements in his "Electric life mix", while the "4 luv remix" is a deeper affair. The package is closed with two brilliant latin and jazzy infected mixes courtesy of Brazilian producers Hard Mix & OV.   (Franco Martinelli) 

COOKIE MONSTER "The way we see it ep" (Tempogroove)

UK's duo Cookie Monster debuts on Tempogroove with a powerful 3 tracks ep entitled "The way we se it EP". "Deep searching" is a fresh summer track with rolling beats, lush warming chords, hot vocals from Shola Philips and an irresistible Balearic vibe. "Just tripping" is a more underground vocal track featuring Shola Philips, whilst Bah Samba front man Julian Bendall graces the moog solo to a real stellar effect. The EP is rounded off with "Happy days", a fresh and infectious guitar track.   (Franco Martinelli)

DEMARKUS LEWIS "Red planet funk" (Conya)

Conya's new release is "Red planet funk" by Demarkus Lewis. This powerful funky house track is a guaranteed floorfiller, with its late night underground vibe, solid beats, dark pads and infectious spoken words vocal line courtesy of Sir Red Eye. There are four mixes on the vinyl, including Vocal, Dub, Instrumental and a useful "Funk a pella".   (Franco Martinelli)

SOCAFRICA ft. Slatra John "Take off ya top" (Love House Rec.)

Socafrica are back with a massive latin/soca track on the Jeremy Sylvester's new Love House label. "Take off ya top" is a strong party track with infectious latin and afro rhythms charged with whistles sirens, a cheekly disco riff and the powerful vocals from Slatra John. The "Latin mix" is a warmer version, with an hot piano, firely latin keys and a jazzy touch. A less vocals "Dub mix" is also included   (Franco Martinelli).

ATRIUM "In love with you" (Toolroom)

This new Toolroom track looks just like a dance anthem, already supported by Pete Tong "I'm in love with you" has a catchy vocal line, solid beats and pop infected synths able to catch a larger audience. This track sounds a bit easy, but sounds so good !   (Franco Martinelli)

JULIUS PAPP "Rememeber Chicago" (Transport)

"Remember Chicago" is the new Julius Papp release on Transport Records, it is a powerful electronic infected house track with solid beats, catchy synth line, a nostalgic old school vibe and a lot of energy. The track is provided in 4 mixes, including the hot "Funky dub" and the groovy "Drum mix".   (Franco Martinelli) 

JAY ALLEGRO & KEVIN BROWN "Rip rhythm" (Mochicoprimo)

"Rip rhythm" by Jay Allegro & Kevin Brown is a powerful and groovy house track made to move the crowd, it has solid beats, an old school percussive groove, phat synths and wiked blips. On the flipside Eddie Amador provides an irresistible remix, adding a new powerful bassline and a pumping new groove.   (Franco Martinelli) 

NIKOS "Bright like a star EP" (Under My Skin) 

Under My Skin is back with another soulful winner, this ep by Nikos is absolutely brilliant and includes two strong tracks. "Bright like a star" is a beautiful soulful track featuring Nita Hutton on vocals, it has the classic Under My Skin vibe, warm percussive groove, awesome pads, intense vocal line and hot flute and sax lines. "Rhone" is another gem, with the great vocal performance of Alabama's bluesman Rhone Flowers singing on a classic Niko's groove, enriched with some hot organ drops.   (Franco Martinelli)

PEPPER MASHAY "Pray for love" (Barcoda) 

This second release on Barcoda Records is another awesome funky soulful track. "Pray for love" is provided in 3 mixes, the "Central Avenue's main mix" is an hot funky track with a great soulful vocal line performed by Pepper MaShay, it has solid beats, infectious funky bassline and great synth lines. The "Dub mix" is a funky groovy track with some extra synths, while the "Soulful mix" is a more softer affair, with great warm chords and that infectious soulful vibe.   (Franco Martinelli)

GENE HUNT "In sound EP" (Little Angel) 

"In sound" will be Gene Hunt's debut album on Little Angel Records and this awesome 4 tracks EP is just a little anticipation. "In sound EP" looks like one of the best deep house records around these times, the four tracks are: "Take u for a ride", a beautiful underground journey enriched with hot jazzy keys, "Cry 4 peace" a solid deep track with Charles Glenn's vocal drops, the beautiful "Call forth your life", a real deep gem featuring Vanessa Nova on vocals and "It's my thang" featuring Lafayette Parker. Can't wait for the full album release !   (Franco Martinelli)

OMAR "It's so" Bob Sinclar mixes (Peppermint Jam) 

UK Soul legend Omar will release his new album on Peppermint Jam very soon and "It's so" is the first single taken from his full release. Bob Sinclar provides the remixes for this hot track, adding a brilliant dancefloor vibe. The "Main vocal mix" is a powerful latin tinged groovy track, with some extra vocals, a rolling bassline, nice lead synths and the stellar Omar's vocal performance. The package includes also the less vocals "Dub mix" and the "Acapella" version.   (Franco Martinelli)

ROLAND CLARK "Deep in house" (Raisani) 

Dubai's rising Recordings label Raisani is going to release a new hot record. The "Original mix" of "Deep in house" by Roland Clark is a powerful underground track with an intense deep vibe, while Dubai's hottest producers Raisani & Guidera deliver a stumping remix, adding some powerful beats, wicked keys and an infectious uplifting vibe. New strong remixes are coming soon also.   (Franco Martinelli)

RITA QUINTERO "Quiero saber" (Deep Haven) 

Deep Haven keeps releasing quality music, this single from Rita Quintero entitled "Quiero saber" is a hot latin tinged track with a deep edge. The "Sterling mix" is an intense version spreading a relaxin' summer vibe, with infectious pads, great piano, strings and an hot vocal performance. The "Sterlin instrumental mix" has some extra synths, while the lovely "Boulevard east mix" is a more soulful affair, with beautiful rhodes chords and a warm latin groove.   (Franco Martinelli)

DANNY CLARK feat. Nina Marie "Cantare con me" (Mutated Music) 

Stereo Mutants brand new Mutated Music imprint debuts with a soulful latin track from Danny Clark ft. Nina Marie. "Cantare con me" is provided in several mixes, including Christian Alvarez and Stereo Mutants versions. The "Original mix" is a solid latin track with an infectious percussive groove, warm rhodes keys, hot horns and italian vocals from Nina Marie. The "Christian Alvarez mix" is another latin tiged version, with less vocals and a sweet piano line, while Stereo Mutants provides two strong groovy and soulful remixes.    (Franco Martinelli)

JARRIER MODROW "Rare soul" (Grooveland)

Jarrier Modrow's new single is the second release on Brazilian recording label Grooveland and it is another hot deep record. The "Original mix" is an infectious deep track with solid underground grooves, athmospheric pads and warm synths. The "Casamena basement remix" is a minimal and darker groovy affair, while the "Backyard mix" is a deeper afro infected track. A more brighter and uplifting "E.deep bossa dub" closes the package.  (Franco Martinelli)

HIDEO KOBAYASHI "Closer to me" (Swank)

Swank Records keeps releasing quality music and this new Hideo Kobayashi release is another winner. "Closer to me" is a beautiful track provided in two strong mixes, The "Original mix" combines a powerful funky vibe with infectious soulful and deep elements, while the "Afrosoul mix" is a tougher percussive affair set up to move the dancefloor.   (Franco Martinelli)

TIMMY VEGAS & ASH "Cabbage juice" (Knee Deep) 

"Cabbage juice" is a powerful and fresh latin tinged track provided by Timmy Vegas & Ash on Knee Deep Records. The "Original mix" is a summer essential track with infectious latin percussions and a cool tropical vibe, the "Pingo & Bobby peakhour mix" is a dancefloor friendly track, with solid beats, new bassline and a catchy uplifting piano line. A tougher and wicked "Deep Josh mix" closes the vinyl.   (Franco Martinelli)

SOLE UNITY "So high" (Guess Records)

This first Sole Unity release is a fantastic musical journey into the deep sound. The "Original mix" is a smooth tripped out affair with drifying Rhodes, beautiful Moog solo and effective vocal hooks. The "Dub mix" is a pumping version for the dancefloor, while the "Alternative mix" is a cool broken beats thing.   (Franco Martinelli)

KAROL XVII & MB VALENCE "Drum in peace" (Look At You)

Polish producers Karol XVII and MB Valance releases their new record on Look At You. "Drum in peace" is a poweful house track provided in 4 mixes, ranging from the 2 peak hour jams on the A side, to the deeper "In deep we trust remix" and the electro infected "Mafia Mike remix" on the B side.

KERRI CHANDLER "June 23 EP" (Max Trax) 

The next release from Kerri Chandler will be "June 23 EP" on Max Trax. This hot 4 tracks ep includes some powerful minimal deep house tracks with a techy touch. "Puch this cowbell" is an irresistible groovy track with solid percussive elements and great stabs, "That's all I need" goes deeper with its gorgeous softer pads, while "The machine", provided in two different versions, is a beautiful combination of underground grooves, deep atmospheres and electronic elemenets.   (Franco Martinelli) 

DAVID PENN & SEBASTIAN GAMBOA "La vida" (Purple Music Tracks)

David Penn and Sebastian Gamboa joined forces for this new release on Purple Music Tracks. "La vida" is a nice funky track with an hot summer vibe, based on a solid groove with a funky bassline, it is enriched with sexy vocals, horns and warm synths. The "Dub mix" has less vocals and extra synths, while, while the "Reprise mix" is a fresher uplifting affair.   (Franco Martinelli)

VARIOUS ARTISTS "Delecto Summer Sampler" (Delecto) 

This hot sampler includes in advance some of the next Delecto releases. "Only for you" by Central Ave. is a solid uplifting vocal house track, 2 Bros Of Soul's "Holidays" is a latin tinged hot track with a warm jazzy edge. "My kind of woman" by D Felice & D Mess is a pumpin' vocal affair, while the Noir's track "Hot" is a fresh 70's infected funky track. Can't wait for the single releases.   (Franco Martinelli)

VARIOUS ARTISTS "Holographic Summer Sampler" part.1 (Holographics)

This is another hot summer sampler, this time from Holographics Records. This 4 tracks EP includes some powerful guaranteed floorfillers,"Lift off" by Conga Squad is a solid peaktime affair, while "Stereo Vibes" by Cloud 9 is a more funky stuff with beautiful strings and a lot of energy. "I wanna get high" by Wrap Factor One is a pumpin' groover, and "Get up" by Dynetic is an infectious uplifting funky track.   (Franco Martinelli)

RAW ARTISTIC SOUL "Miami theme" rmxs  (Gogo)

Already included in the beautiful GoGo's "Spring collection 06 EP", now is time for the single release of this funky/jazzy house monster entitled "Miami theme". The new package includes two hot remixes as well as the bounus track "Fela Brazil". Roberto DeCarlo adds his classic soulful touch and some jazzy elements in his "Soul-infused remix", while Ralf Gum's "Sax lick dub" is a fantastic crowd pleaser, with an irresistible driven groove, wiked keys and infectious looped saxophone. The "Original mix" is also included, as well as the bonus track "Fela Brazil", a sweet latin tinged tune full of live instrumentation.   (Franco Martinelli)

BROOKLYN FRIENDS “Play” (Nite Grooves)

David Morales is back as Brooklyn Friends once again and his new single on Nite Grooves is "Play", a powerful rhythmic instrumental track with a thumping bass drum, kick-ass latin styled timbales, maraca shakes, wicked keys and synth sounds. The "Drum mix" is a more minimal thing with drums and percussions only.    (Franco Martinelli)

TYSHAUN NEELY "Housin' it ep" (Bumpin' City promo) 

This new promo from Bumpin' City is a very hot two tracks EP from Tyshaun Neely. "Housin' it" presents two different but equally strong tracks. Track 1 is a guaranteed floorfiller, a powerful filtered funky-house cut with great loops, spoken words drops and a large dose o pure energy. The second track spreads a different vibe, with a bluesy and infectious guitar loop on a bumpin' underground groove.   (Franco Martinelli) 

MARK KNIGHT feat. The Black Beatniks "The reason" (Toolroom) 

Mark Knight teams up with The Black Beatnicks for his new single on Toolroom. "The reason" is a powerful house track with solid beats, hypnotic hook, blissed out sax riff and infectious spoken word vocals. The package also includes 3 strong and electronic infected remixes, the "Roog and Greg remix" is a strong dancefloor mover, while Mark Knight and Funkagenda adds some catchy percussive groove and electronic blips in their rework and the "Richard F" remix is a tougher electro stuff.   (Franco Martinelli) 

DAVE STORM ft. Simone Moreno "Sundance" (Ceremony) 

"Sundance" is the new release on Ceremony Records and it's a fresh and lovely track for the summer. Produced by Dave Storm who teamed up with vocalist Simone Moreno, this hot latin tinged track is provided in 3 mixes, including the sweet and intense "Original mix" as well as the brilliant "Spiritchaser remix" that is a bit tougher without losing that magic summer vibe, and the "Instrumental mix".   (Franco Martinelli)

STERLING VOID "It's aright" 2006 rmxs (Sound Division) 

The Sterling Void's house classic "It's alright" receives the 2006 remix treatment for its new release on Sound Division. The vinyl includes two hot reworks from Joe Smooth and Chris Lake. The "Joe Smooth 2006 remix" keeps the original underground vibe for a powerful old-school infected version, while Chris Lake provides a very strong and irresistible remix, combining perfectly the vocals and the original piano line with a pumpin' groove, powerful synth bassline and some electronic elements.   (Franco Martinelli) 

SUZANNE PALMER "Keep the faith" (Star 69)

"Keep the faith" is the sixth single release from Suzanne Palmer's album "Home". This powerful gospel house track comes with all brand new mixes of Offer Nissim, DJ Exacta. Wyne G and Jamie J. Sanchez. The record starts with the beautiful piano leaded and old school infected "Peter  Rauhofer Album Version", the "Wayne G remix" is a solid track with a driven bassline and just a few electronic elements added, while DJ Exacta provides a more dubby and hypnotic remix. Offer Nissim adds his personal touch on his remix, while the Jamie J. Sanchez version is a more minimal and electronic stuff.   (Franco Martinelli)

LENNY FONTANA & JOI CARDWELL "Make it alright" (Stalwart)

Lenny Fontana and Joi Caldwell joint forces for this new release on Stalwart Records, "Make it right" is a funky vocal monster provided in 3 versions. The "Vocal mix" is powerful, with solid beats, funky bassline, infectious hypnotic loop and the great vocal performance by Joy Cardwell. The "Dub mix" is an instrumental funky affair and a useful "Acappella" version is also included.   (Franco Martinelli) 

July  2006 

JELLYBEAN feat. Marlon D. "New York house" (Jellybean Soul)

Jellybean Soul is back with another brilliant release, John Jellybean Benitez teams up with Marlon D and the result is a beautiful track entitled "New York house" and provided in 3 versions. The "Ain't nothing but a house mix" is an infectious deep-house track with solid groove, great bassline, fantastic organ solo and spoken words vocals by Marlon D combined with a warm and soulful female singing. The "Dub mix" is an intense and percussive late night affair, while the "Groovy mix" is a mostly instrumental thing.   (Franco Martinelli)

WAGON COOKIN "The week... the weekend" (Lovemonk)

Wagon Cookin's new release on Lovemonk is a very interesting record. The A side features a couple of fresh summer groovers, the "Xan Blacq remix" of "The week... the weekend" is a laiback housey track featuring Xan's sultry vocals alongside a classy bass, soft pads and some warm synths. The "Original mix" is a jazzy infected downtempo track, while "Brink of dreams" is a synthy broken beats affair.   (Franco Martinelli)

DENNIS FERRER feat. Tyrone Ellis “Underground is my home” (King Street)

The new Dennis Ferrer single is a powerful deep house track taken from his forthcoming full-length album on King Street. “Underground is my home” is purely deep as deep can get, with solid beats, infectious bassline and the spoken words vocal performance by Tyrone Ellis. The track is provided in two hot mixes, Vocal and Instrumental.   (Franco Martinelli)

DEEP HOUSE SOULDIERS "Live it up" (Swank)

"Live it up" by Deep House Souldiers is a very hot soulful-house record, released on Swank Recordings. The "Original mix" is a stunning deep house track with solid beats, warm percussive groove, great rhodes keys and beautiful soulful vocals courtesy of Gospel/Neo-Soul singer Adrianne Archie. The "Organ dub" strips things down for a late night re-rub with a laidback Hammond solo, while the Chuck Love’s remix is a tougher and electronic infected dancefloor friendly version.   (Franco Martinelli)

MASTERBUILDERS ft. Steve Edwards "Man cannot rise" (Masterbuilders)

For their new release "Man cannot rise", Masterbuilders have joined forces with one of the hottest vocalist of now, Steve Edwards. The "Dirty as you like mix" is an infectious house track, with grerat vocals, driven groove and warm chords, the "Disco house mix" is a powerful filtered funky track, while the "DT dub mix" is an irresistible deeper mix, with catchy sampled vocals and a great sax hook. The record closes with a fat boken beats remix from Mark Force (Bugz In The Attic).   (Franco Martinelli)

STEREO MUTANTS "Mamas & brothers" (Soulfunk Digital)

The new Stereo Mutants record "Mamas & brothers" is going to be released soon on Soulfunk Digital. This slamming funky track is provided in several versions, including the "Original mix" with its driven groove, bouncy bassline, lush rhodes and funky guitar. The "Dub mix" is a deeper late night affair while the "Spiritual movement mix" adds another twist with smooth jazzy keys, but keeping the essence of the original, and the "Danny Clark organ dub" is another hot and funky version with a massive organ solo and warm bass.   (Franco Martinelli)

DECAFF & Roland Clark "Helpless" (Gossip) 

Behind Decaff there's Danish producer Noir and this time he teamed up with legendary house vocalist Roland Clark to release this record. This hot package includes two great Hott 22 remixes. The Vocal one is a powerful old-school infected house track with solid beats, driven bassline and the great spoken words vocal performance by Roland Clark. The "Hott 22 isle heat remix" is a freh latin tinged version, essential for the summer.   (Franco Martinelli)

E.DEEP "Afrika" (Grooveland)

Brazilian recordings label Grooveland presents e.deep's "Africa" remixes. This is a solid deep record enriched with some hot re-works, the "Iwani Music mix" is a deep and groovy track with fat bassline, warm pads and a beautiful organ line. The "Bradford James deep in Brazil remix" is a trippy and deep musical journey, with hypnotic loops, spacey pads and a melodic synth solo.   (Franco Martinelli)

STEPHANIE RENEE "Fever" (Deep Haven) 

Deep Haven is back with another winner, "Fever" is a beautiful deep track that features an awesome and intense vocal performance by Stephanie Renee. Written and produced by Marlon D and Sterling Ensamble, this track has jazz, r&b and soul influences, percussive groove, rolling bassline and a warm deep feel. The Dub version, remixed by DJ Man-X, is mostly instrumental, with simple bass, percussions and synth melody. An "Instrumental mix" is also included.   (Franco Martinelli)

STEREO MUTANTS & Joe Biddle "One Life EP" (Delecto) 

This is an asolutely brilliant EP from Stereo Mutants on Canadian Delecto Recordings. "One Life EP" includes two great tracks, both infected with warm jazzy elements and a soulful vibe. "One life" features Joe Biddle on the vocals and is an intense soulful track, with solid funky beats, warm keys and a jazzy touch. "7 steps of life" on the flipside, is an infectious intrumental track with great saxophone and a fresh summer vibe.   (Franco Martinelli)

THE LAYABOUTS ft. Jay Henry "Be Yourself" (Healthy Records)

"Be Yourself" by The Layabouts feat. Jay Henry is the Healty Records new release. This is an uplifting funky track with a soulful edge, it has solid beats, powerful bassline, infectious funky guitar, warm rhodes keys and beautiful soulful vocals. The "Bongoloverz remix" is a groovy dub version, with less vocals, tribal percussion, and a powerful piano.   (Franco Martinelli)

HEAVEN'n'HELL "Watcha Gonna Do" (d:Vision) 

This classic Philly Groove track receive the Woody Bianchi remix treatment for this hot release on italian D.Vision label. The "Sunbeam mix" is a powerful funky track that perfectly fits with the beautiful original vocals, while the "Electroluv mix" on the B side, goes a bit darker and electronic for an interesting alternative version.   (Franco Martinelli)

JONATHAN MEYER "Afrique" (Equal) 

"Afrique" is another fresh summer track just released on Equal Records, this ethnic infected tribal track combines afro rhythms, with jazzy and soulful sounds and is provided in two intense mixes, both enriched with hot female spoken words vocals and african chant.   (Franco Martinelli)

DENNIS THE MENACE & JERRY ROPERO vs F. DIAZ "Time to turn around" (Lowered)

The new Dennis The Menace & Jerry Ropero track "Time to turn around" released on Lowered Records, is a driven funky bomb for the summer. This powerful track is provided in several versions, including Jules Spinner and Young Rebels remixes. "Time to turn around" is a fresh peaktime floorfiller, with solid funky beats, powerful bassline, driven piano and catchy vocals.   (Franco Martinelli) 

CHUS & CEBALLOS "Back 2 back" LP (Star 69) 

Spanish superstar djs and producers Chus & Ceballos are releasing their brand new compilation cd on Star 69. "Back 2 back" consist in a double cd of 100% pure iberican tribal grooves. On CD 1, DJ Chus provides an irresistible pumpin' mixed set, 15 powerful groovy tracks, including some unreleased germs, infected with tribal and percussive rhythms, rolling basslines and big dancefloor energy. DJ Ceballos, on CD 2, goes a little deeper, providing an awesome groovy and infectious mixed set.   (Franco Martinelli)

BOBBY & STEVE feat. Pete Simpson "In my heart" (Zoo Groove) 

The new Bobby & Steve release is a beautiful uplifting soulful track featuring Pete Simpson on vocals and includes two strong DJ Spen & Muthafunkaz remixes. The "Original mix" is a soulful gem with a funky edge, it has warm rhodes chords, funky guitar, infectious bassline and a great vocal performance. The Muthafunkaz remixes are more pumpin' and dancefloor affairs, with solid beats, powerful bassline and additional synth and organ.   (Franco Martinelli)

REMENDAOS "69 in the night" [Jay-J mixes] (Bubblesoul)

This record is one of the hottest stuff this summer, it combines the flamenco/pop music from Spanish band Remendaos with the magic house touch of Jay-J and the result is awesome. The Jay-J's Shifted Out mixes are beautiful, a fresh mixture of sounds and styles that creates an irresistible summer vibe. The Vocal mix has the original flamenco vocals included while the Dub mix is a less vocals dancefloor friendly track. The Original Remendaos version is also included.   (Franco Martinelli)

GROOVE JUNKIES ft. Solara – Paradise (OM)

Groove Junkies teams up again with singer Solara for this new release on OM Records. "Paradise" is a sweet and soulful track with a fresh balearic summer vibe. The 3 Groove Junkies Balearic mixes has a warm percussive groove, hot flamenco guitar and sweet strings, enriched with the sensual vocal performance by Solara. The "GJ Classic mix" is a powerful soulful upliftinfg track filled with beautiful jazzy elements, that sounds in the classic Groove Junkies style.   (Franco Martinelli) 

CENTRAL AVENUE feat. Nana Prempeh "All about the rhythm" (Barcoda) 

Barcoda Records debuts with a very interesting release, Central Avenue feat. Nana Prempeh "All about the rhythm" is a soulful/funky track provided in 4 mixes. The "Original Mix" has soulid beats, great horns, sax solo, warm soulful rhodes chords and spoken words vocals, the "Stereo Mutants remix" has an infectious percussive groove and a fresh latin vibe, while the "CA's freeks dub" is a more pumpin' affair. A "Spoken-a-pella" track is also included.    (Franco Martinelli)

STEAL VYBE "ESP (I Can See You)" (King Street)

Steal Vybe's new single on King Street is a warm, spacey and soulful track entiteled "ESP (I Can See You)". Stephanie Renee's classic and clear vocals bring a wonderful nurturing feel to the record. The vinyl includes also a trippy and melodic Instrumental version as well as the "Reprise acapella".   (Franco Martinelli)

FREDDIE LE GRAND ft. MC Gee "Just trippin" (Toolroom Trax)

The new Tooolroom Trax release is another powerful one, "Just trippin" is a pumpin' groovy track with an electronic edge, lot of blips and a spoken-word vocal line from MC Gee. There are also some interesting remixes in the package, Jon Dahlback provides a more minimal, deeper and darker mix, while the "Danny Freakzoid & Elvis Bernait remix" is a pumping electro track. The digital release includes also two powerful house remixes courtesy of Seb Fontaine and Jay P.   (Franco Martinelli)

CHUCK LOVE "Soul symphony" [remixes] (OM) 

The new Chuck Love's "Soul Symphony EP" remixes package is very hot, the title track is re-worked by Groove Junkies that provides an hot and groovy remix filled with warm jazzy elemnts, including a beautiful flute solo. "Livin' at night" is remixed by Jimpster that keeps the original funky vibe adding some warm deep sounds, while JT Donaldson goes deeper and minimal in his dub remix of "Something right".   (Franco Martinelli)

VARIOUS ARTISTS "Subliminal Sessions 10 - by Eric Morillo" LP (Subliminal)

The new release of the series Subliminal Sessions is a strong double CD selected and mixed by Eric Morillo. The CD 1 is a 10 tracks set that combines some heavyweight vocal house anthems with powerful groovy house tracks and includes Dajae's "Brightr Days" (Haji & Emanuel rmx), Sessomatto's "I need somebody" (Tom Novy rmx), Deep Dish's "Dreams (DJ Simi rmx) and Morillo's "Jazz in your face" remixed by Richard Grey, just to name a few. The CD 2 is a more electronic, dark and sometimes minimal affair and includes tracks like "Big love" by Pete Heller, Royshopp's "What else is there" (Trentemoller rmx), Nathan Fake's "The sky was pink" and others.   (Franco Martinelli)

VARIOUS ARTISTS "David Guetta pr. F*** me I'm famous!" LP (MOS) 

"F*** me I'm famous!" is a powerful double CD compilation mixed by David Guetta and released on Ministry Of Sound Records. The CD 1 presents a strong set of main-room peaktime tracks including some big hits like Bob Sinclar's "World hold on", Loleatta Holloway's "Love sensation 2006" as well as Supermode's "Tell me why" and many other floorfillers. Disk 2 opens with some deep tracks and develope into a harder elecronic vibe, the 12 tracks set includes Joe T.Vannelli's "Get on it", Logic's "Save my soul", Copiright's "He is", Chocolate Puma's "Always and forever" and Erci Morilli ft. Puff daddy's "Dance I say" just to name a few.    (Franco Martinelli)

SOULFOOD feat. Mirka Cespedes "Motion" (Bumpin' City) 

This record is our latest production. I want to thank Michael Fossati (from www.spiritofhouse.com) for let me use his review of this release, Michael said: Behind Soulfood are Italy's Franco Martinelli & Massimo Sottini who team up with Mirka Cespedes who provides a passionate and powerful vocal performance. The Original is a classic house groover featuring wicked keys, great organ solo and a storming groove that create an uplifting feeling. The "AM Dub" is smoothing it down a bit, while keeping the lovely instrumentation intact.   (Franco Martinelli / Michael Fossati) 

WOZ feat. Dirty Turk "My light" (Deep Haven) 

Deep Haven's second release is another winner, produced and mixed by Scott Wozniak, this deep house track has a powerful rolling bassline, warm rhythm & blues piano and a euphoric melody. The "Original mix" features Dirty Turk's spoken words vocals that perfectly combines with Wozniak's deep and sexy house vibe. The "Dub mix" is an instrumental track with additional synthesized harmony for an extra dose of soulful bliss.   (Franco Martinelli)

FULL INTENTION "Soul power" (Peppermint Jam)

The Kurd Maverick remixes of Full Intention's Soul Power are going to be released on Peppermint Jam very soon and what a powerful record it is. Kurd Maverick provides two wicked funky monsters destinated to rock the dancefloor. The vocal mix is a solid funky-house track with an irresistible funky guitar, poweful bassline, some electronic sounds and of course the great vocal performance by Thea Austin, while the Dub mix is a less vocals funky affair.   (Franco Martinelli)

AUTOSOUL "Music" (Diaspora)

Diaspora is back after a long time with this great new release coming from Autosul. "Music" is a beautiful track featuring the rhythmic poetry (courtesy of J Agami) and a simply beautiful vocal chorus from Tiger Lily. There are 3 mixes on the record, the "Rhythm Slaves 80s soul mix" has a solid old school groove and a soulful vibe, while the "Original mix" is an afro-latin rhythms infected track and the "DBR Dub" is a powerful soulful dub, with solid drums, heavy bassline, filterd vocal snips and a beautiful piano creating a winning atmosphere.   (Franco Martinelli) 

RAUL RINCON "Indigenous people" (Tenor)

This hot promo comes from Raul Rincon and it will be released soon on Tenor Records, "Indigenous people" is a fresh latin infected summer track, it has a warm percussive groove, ethnic vocals, great rhodes chords and an irresistible driven bassline. Summer essential.   (Franco Martinelli)

PEPE LINK "Notekura" (Lovemonk) 

Lovemonk's new release is "Notekura" by Pepe Link. The "Original mix" is a powerful groovy deep underground track infected with some electronic sounds and great strings. The "Jimpster red light mix" is a more hypnotic stuff, driven by synths and with those hot strings doing their work.   (Franco Martinelli) 

STEREOFUNK "Sushine ways EP" (Clubstar)

Stereofunk debuts on Clubstar with an hot summer mood 2 tracks ep. "Sunshine ways" is an infectious fresh soulful track with great horns and atmosphere pads, while "Dancing to the beat" is a more bumping track, whit solid beats a funky bassline and beautiful strings.   (Franco Martinelli) 

VARIOUS ARTISTS "Vibes [JazzVibes/Lounge Selection]" (Mettle Music)
This is the new Mettle Music "Vibes" series release and it's another high quality compilation. This records is the perfect summer evenings soundtrack, a warm selection of jazzy infected downtempo soulful tunes. All the 14 tracks would deserve a mention, but I only invite you to listen to this record and join the vibe.   (Franco Martinelli)
June  2006 

KEITH THOMPSON "Break 4 love 2006" (Monster Bang)

The new Monster Bang release is the remake of the classic Raze track "Break 4 love" originally sung by Keith Thompson. The 4 new remixes includes interesting brand new versions from some hot remixers, Booker T provides a powerful funky rework infected with hot soulful elemnts, DJ Romain goes deeper with a stunning remix that keeps the mood of the original but with today's vibe, while David Vendetta and Moussa Clarke deliver two electronic infected reworks.   (Franco Martinelli)

JAMIE LEWIS & DJ PIPPI ft. Kim Cooper "So sexy" (Purple)

This record looks like a fresh summer bomb, Jamie Lewis, DJ Pippi and Kim Cooper are back together with "So sexy", a powerful track provided in 4 versions on two separate 12". The first record includes the Jamie Lewis mixes, two hot versions (Club & Dub) with solid groove, infectious synth and the great sexy vocal performance of Kim Cooper. The DJ Pippi mixes are also powerful, with an irresistibile diven and percussive groove, hypnotic keys and a great breakdown.    (Franco Martinelli)

DAWN TALLMAN "Now that I found you" (Equal)

Dawn Tallman is back with a brand new release on Equal Records, "Now that I found you" is a solid uplifting track provided in 3 versions. The "Vocal garage mix" is a powerful funky track with a soulful touch, enriched by the great vocal performance of Dawn Tallman. The "Tribal club mix" is a groovy affair, with a powerful bassline, funky guitar, percussive groove and less vocals, while the "Party chill mix" is a beautiful and sophisticated downtempo version.   (Franco Martinelli)

EDZY "Retrofective EP" (Look At You) 

Edzy's new release is a strong old school infected 4 tracks ep that will be released soon on Look At You. "Retrofective" opens with "Do it til you burn", a brilliant and powerful disco infused funky track, while "1 six 7 nine" is a deeper affair. On the B side are included "The groove (so funky)" a funky house track with an hip-hop intro and the hypnotic "Dig it".   (Franco Martinelli)

VARIOUS ARTISTS "Musica de futebol" LP (Mr. Bongo)

It's World Cup time and I want to introduce to you this hot LP, no house music here this time, just fresh samba and bossa rhythms in a classic brazilian style. "Musica de futebol" is a CD of brazilian music linked to football selected by David Bongo and Alex Bellos. This album includes classic tracks by several brazilian great artists, including Jorge Ben, Caetano Veloso, Chico Buarque and Elis Regina who provides a duet with football star Pelé.   (Franco Martinelli)

FRESH 27 ft. Robina "Butterfly" (Double Shock Records)

"Butterfly" is the new single of Fresh 27 feat. Robina on Double Shock Records, this uplifting house track is provided in 4 hot and different mixes. The "Elektro organik mix" is a brilliant funky house track infected with some soulful elements while the "Noiseburst Remix" is an electronic affair. On the B side the "Twisted Rhythm remix" is a powerful pumped up version, while the record closes with the beautiful and soulful "Original mix".   (Franco Martinelli)

DJ PIERRE ft. Sylfronia King "Destroy this track" (DJP)

DJ Pierre is back with another dancefloor winner in his classic style, "Destroy this track" is a powerful track provided in 2 versions, the "Afro acid mix" has solid beats, tribal/percussive groove, acid bassline and vocals in spoken words style. The "Wild pitch mix" is also very powerful, with a solid essential groove, driven bassline and again those acid sounds.   (Franco Martinelli)

BEAT PHARMACY "Constant pressure" LP (Deep Space)

The new Beat Pharmacy album "Constant pressure" just released on Deep Space is a very interesting record. This 11 tracks LP really impressed me because of its music, a perfect combination of house rhythms, deep elements, reggae and ethnic influences, electronica and chill out sounds. The album features also some great guest vocalist like Mickey Dread, Ursula Rucker, Paul St.Hilarie and Mutabaruka.   (Franco Martinelli)

SOLU MUSIC feat. Kai Martin "Let it flow / Tenement" (Solu Music)

This two tracks EP on Solu Music is an hot one, and features the DJ Fudge remixes of "Let it flow" with the beautiful voice of Kai Martin, as well as the instrumental track "Tenemeint". "Let it flow" is a deep percussive affair remixed by frenchman DJ Fudge, who serves up an afro-tinged house groove packed with sweet key washes and punchy synth bass riding under Kai's heartfelt vocal. There's also a tasty DJ Fudge Dub mix on the A side, while on the flipside the instrumental "Tenement" is a solid house track with great strings, steel pan hooks and a large injection of Hammond.   (Franco Martinelli)

DJ SPINNA "Intergalactic soul" LP (Papa) 

This new DJ Spinna album is a fantastic journey into taday's quality dance music sounds, "Intergalactic soul" is a def synthesis of soul, hip-hop, funk and dance music and features a stellar line-up of vocalist and rappers including N'Dea Davenport, Stephanie McKay, Phonte of Little Brother, Lizz Fields, Eric Robinson, Christian Urich of Tortured Soul and Selan, to name a few. From the downtempo tracks to the soulful gems, all the tracks of this album are very imperssive, in particular I love "Back to you" feat. Selan, "Where's the love" feat. N'Dea Davenport, "Peace and quite" feat. Stephanie McKay, "Butterfly girl" feat. Eric Robertson, "Show us how to fly" feat. Christian Urich and the sublime "Living my life" feat. the newcomer Tricia Angus.   (Franco Martinelli) 

VARIOUS ARTISTS "Southport weekender vol.5" LP (Endulge) 

Southport Weekender unleash their 5th installment of the acclaimed Southport Weekender compilation series on brand new UK label Endulge Records. This fantastic double album provides two great sets from Kenny Dope and Terry Hunter. Both sets includes unreleased and new tracks as well as some great classics. Kenny Dope's mix is a melting pot of breaks, hip-hop, house and old school soul nuggets, a 21 tracks set including some timeless gems like "High" by Skyy, BT Express "Peacepipe" and "Got to be love", Lony Clark's "Rushing", Mister V and Miss Patty's "Da bump" just to name a few. Terry Hunter's set is a fantstic house music journey and includes tracks like "The way you love me" by Ron Hall, Terry Hunter's "Be thankful", and some classics like Adonis "No way back" and Urban Soul's "Alright" and many others.   (Franco Martinelli)

SHAPESHIFTERS & CHIC "Sensitivity" (Positiva) 

"Sensitivity" is a collaboration between the Shapeshifters and Chic's leader Nile Rodgers. Featuring the beautiful vocal performance by Kelly Marie Smith, the Original mix" is a perfect combination of old school classic Chic sound reworked with the today's house music touch. This powerful record includes some hot remixes too, the "Nocturnal mix" is a strong peaktime version, while Pete Heller provides two beautiful electronic infected deeper mixes and Martijn Ten Velden deliver a powerful electronic remix.   (Franco Martinelli)

RAIN (A Lil Louis Painting) "Give It Up" Rmxs (King Street)

This Lil’ Louis King Street classic is just released with new stunning remixes courtesy of Frankie Feliciano, as well as two fantastic unreleased mixes from MAW. Both Feliciano's Ricanstruction mixes (Vocal and Dub) are beautiful, with deep beats and a funkified bass line. Fortifying this re-release are none other than Louie Vega & Kenny Dope (MAW) who grace us with more of the original-sounding "Unreleased Pass" & "Flute Instrumental".   (Franco Martinelli)

ESPIRITO "Bahia / Canto de Orfeo rmx" (d:Vision) 

The brand new record of Espirito, includes the new "Bahia" track as well as a new remix of their classic "Canto de Orfeo". "Bahia" is a beautiful bossa tinged dawntempo track with a fresh summer vibe in its "Original mix" while in the "Club Mix" Francesco Rossi speeds up the track and adds a bumping house groove. "Canto de Orfeo" remix is provided by Woody B & Harlem Hustler who combines the latin elements of the original version with their classic filtered house sound, releasing a great and fresh latin house track for the summer.   (Franco Martinelli)

ROBERTO DECARLO ft. Joshua "Magic Star" (GoGo) 

GoGo Music is back with another winner, the forthcoming full release of "Magic star" by Roberto DeCarlo feat. Joshua includes some strong remixes from Simon Grey and Domenico Navarra (from Sueno Soul). The "Original mix" is a beautiful soulful track with a funky edge, in the classic Roberto DeCarlo style, while Simon Grey provides two stunning remixes infected with hot jazzy elements and a broken-beats rhythm in the Vocal one. The package is completed with a beautiful, smooth, deeper and delicate remix from Domenico Navarra.   (Franco Martinelli)

AUDIOWHORES ft. Alex Mills "A better place" (Tempogroove) 

The Audiowhores continue their Tempogroove journey following up their outstanding "Not going back" debut with the equally large "A better place". This beautiful uplifting vocal-house track has solid beats, infectious bassline, wicked keys and a great vocal performance of Alex Mills. The "Dub mix" is  powerful version with less vocals, while the "Unreleased Demo mix" (only available in digital format) is a more soulful affair.   (Franco Martinelli)

VARIOUS ARTISTS - Keith Thompson pres. "Worlds Collide" LP (Waking Monster) 
The "Worlds Collide" project is a stellar selection of afro, jazz and soul tinged housey grooves featuring a melting pot of superb artists from around the world, including Black Cofee, Bazwaana, Keith Thompson, Brooklyn Black, Nermin ft.Ayaah and others. This 12 tracks selction, mixed by DJ Camacho, has a very hot and unique mood, combining house music with ethnic rhythms and melodies, afro drums and beautiful soul voices, tribal chants and urban sounds. Some of my favourite tracks includes Bazwaana's "Free my soul", Keith Thompson's "Africa in your veins", Brooklyn Black's "Get it right back" and Nermin's "Change".   (Franco Martinelli)

UPZ "12 Tribes E.P" (Look At You)

UPZ debuts on Look At You with "12 Tribes", a strong four tracks EP that includes two hot tracks "Prayer 4 me" and "Mr Manna". The record opens with the original version of "Prayer 4 me" an awesome soulful track infected with funky elements,  great vocals and a beautiful trumpet solo. The "Juke Joint remix" is tougher and more dancefloor friendly. On the flipside "Mr manna" is a more exotic and tribal affair with ethnic vocals and afro beats, provided in Vocal and Dub mixes.   (Franco Martinelli)

VARIOUS ARTISTS "Soul Heaven - K. Chandler & D. Ferrer" LP (Soul Heaven) 

This new triple Cd of the "Soul Heraven" series is another essential one, this time New Jersey's Dennis Ferrer partners the legendary Terry Chandler to deliver a master class in the art of soul soaked house and subterranean deep grooves. This journey takes in the roots and inspiration alongside the sound of tomorrow's future classics. Disk One sees Kerry Chandler please us with a 17 tracks set that includes beautiful songs as Kavita's "Everyday", Rodamaal's "Insomnia", Sara Devine's "Special", Stephanie Cooke's "Love will" just to name a few, while on the second CD Dennis Ferrer provides another outstanding selection that includes Knee Deep's "Takes my by the hand", Roy Ayer's "Holiday", Peven Everett's "Easy living", Kerry Chandler's "Rain" and many other great tracks. CD 3 is a full lenght unmixed selection that includes ten of the Chandler and Ferrer classics.   (Franco Martinelli)


Satoshi Tomiie's new record on SAW is "Glow". This is a beautiful track that combines chunky house beats with electronic melodies and an infectious deep mood. The original mix is a perfect ambient/funky record while the new "Spirit catcher remix" is a bit tougher, with its slow build-up intro and more electronic elements, including some killer old school synth riffs reminiscent of the funky old days of Prince.    (Franco Martinelli)

PAUL HARRIS "Find yourself a friend" (Toolroom) 

The new Paul Harris record on Toolroom is a powerful electronic vocal track entitled "Find yourself a friend" and includes some strong remixes. The "Seamus Haji's Big Love remix" has all the hallmark of a classic with his trademark bassline and dancefloor friendly arrangement, the "Mark Knight's Dub" is pure big room bliss, with powerful drums and a more electronic mood. Jon Gurd provides a rocking electro workout, while Paulo Jackson's remix is a high octane powerful version.   (Franco Martinelli)

BELLE EPOQUE "Miss Broadway"  2006 remixes  (Hit Records)

Legendary disco group Belle Epoque are back with the new reworks of their great hit "Miss Broadway", provided in several remixed versions on Hit Records. The "Jan Carey remix" is a peak time bomb, he has perfectly combined the original vocals with his trademark sound. The "DJ Rooster & Sammy Peralta remix" is a tougher affair, while DJ Pedro & Terry G provides a powerful driven electro-funky remix. The full electronic "Nicola Fasano & Steve Forest mix" closes this hot package.   (Franco Martinelli)

JUSTIN MICHAEL ft.Jason Lent "You don't have to" (Hermosa) 

What a great debut for Justin Michael's Hermosa Records, "You don't have to" is a fantstic soulful track provided in 4 mixes, including brilliant remixes from Richard Earnshaw and MoD. The "Original mix" is a sophisticated piece of pure soulful house, with great rhodes chords, a lovely guitar and a beautiful vocal line performed by Jason Lent. The "Richard Earnshaw dub" is a little bit more pumping and groovy, with a powerful bassline and a funky vibe. MoD provides two mixes, an awesome "Vocal mix" with driven solid beats supporting his classic trademark sound and a less vocal and darker "Hypnotic Dub".   (Franco Martinelli)

FRANKIE KNUCKLES "The whistle song Revisited / Gimme gimme" (NOICE!) 

Frankie Knuckles is back and launches "NOICE! music" with the releases of “The whistle song Revisited” and “Gimme gimme (disco shimmy)”. “The whistle song Revisited” is a new production of the classic by Knuckles and co-producer / writer Eric Kupper, the new version has a new bassline and and rhythms for today, but keeps the magic vibe of the original one. "Gimme gimme" is a fresh and uplifting piano house track provided in a calssic style. A strong beginning for the new "NOICE! music" label and the perfect introduction to the new forthcoming album.   (Franco Martinelli)

DJ SPINNA ft. Selan "Back 2 u" (Papa) 

Ahead of the release od DJ Spinna's "Intergalactic soul" album, Papa presents his fantastic new single "Back 2u". The "Original mix" is a sweet slice of downtempo R&B that features a great and intense vocal performance of Selan. The Realm provides two stunning remixes (Vocal and Instrumental), they speed up and rework the song, adding their unique soulful flavour and a large dose of popping funk. DJ Spinna's "Intergalactic soul" album will be released in early July.   (Franco Martinelli)

GROOVE JUNKIES pr. TC Moses "Devotion" Part2 (MoreHouse) 

MoreHouse releases the second part of their "Devotion" record and it includes two strong remixes provided by Timmy Vegas as well as an unreleased "Hookstamentsl" version from Groove Junkies and a useful "DJ hands up tools" track. Timmy Vegas remixes are powerful, simple and banging, with an infectious old school vibe, raw funky sounds and the spoken words parts from the original mix.   (Franco Martinelli) 

RON HALL & The Muthafunkaz ft. Mark Evanz "The way you love me" (Defected) 

This long awaited beautiful track by Ron Hall is finally released on Defected as a 2 parts 12". Disc one includes the fantastic and well known Philly Sound infected vesion from Dimitri From Paris, as well as another Vinncent Montana's infected rework by legandary Tom Moulton. Disc two includes the beautiful Original Mix as well as a tougher "Sergio Flores vocal dub" and a darker and groovy "David Penn Urbana dub".   (Franco Martinelli)

RHYTHM SLAVES ft. Morten Luco "Show me" (Knee Deep) 

Rhythm Slaves keeps releasing beautiful soulful tracks, and this one, just released on the Knee Deep Recordings label is another hot one. "Show me" is an awesome top quality soulful track enriched by a fantastic vocal performance by Morten Luco. The vinyl also includes two remixes, a darker and more banging Kid Massive remix as well as an uplifting and more funky Audiowhores one.   (Franco Martinelli)

VARIOUS ARTISTS "Defected in the house Evissa 2006" LP (Defected) 

Eivissa 2006 is the new release of the Defected In The House series. This 3Cd collection features 2 discs of fresh quality house music mixed by Defected boss Simon Dunmore and the third Cd is a timeless selection with 12 of the Ibiza's classic tracks selected by legendary DJ Pippi. Cd1 reflects deeper Balearic cuts, while Cd2 is a more peaktime affair, for a total of 35 tracks including "World hold on" and "Amora amor" by Bob Sinclar, Mr V's "Da Bump", Djaimin's "Give You", Kathy Brown's "Get another love" and Ultra Nate's "How long", just to name a few. The third Cd contains unmixed full lenght Ibiza classics, including Gat Decor's "Passion", Black Box's "Fantasy", Jestofunk's "I'm gonna love you" and others.   (Franco Martinelli)

SOULPHICTION "State of euphoria" LP (Sonar Kollectiv) 

This is a very interesting album from Soulphiction (aka Michel Baumann), "State of euphoria" is a musical journey that combines deep and jazzy hipnotic sounds with an infectious electronic vibe. This 13 tracks album includes beautiful deep and soulful ballads as "Love thang" or "Used" along with some jazzy infected tracks like "Deranged", "Midnight funky infinity", "Transistor slugs" and "Angela", electronic tracks with a funky edge like "Make it slow" and "No jealousy" and other interesting alternative stuff.   (Franco Martinelli) 

MATTHIAS HELIBRONN "The Outside EP" (ProgCity Deep) 

Matthias Helibronn debuts on Prog City Deep with an hot minimal tech house 2 tracks EP. "Shiva" on side A is a pumpin' one, with a driving groove, solid beats, infectious bassline and analogue synths. On the flipside "Gai ge" is a groovy affair with more atmosphere, warm percussions, strings and that analouge synths once again.   (Franco Martinelli)

RICHARD F "Automatic" (Spread) 

"Automatic" is the new powerful single of Richard F. Featuring the vocals of Mr. F himself, Richard delivers 3 mixes filled with big drums, big builds, and big synths. The "Original mix" is an electro stormer, with its funked up bassline and solid beats, the "Big room drama mix" is a peaktime version with big drums and hugh spacey synths. A drum and vocals only "Drum mix" is also included.   (Franco Martinelli)

May  2006


suSU are back once again with the third instalment of the acclaimed "baR suSU" compilation series and what a fantastic one is this too. This double CD is a succulent selection of delicious deep house grooves dipped in classy jazz juice. The first Cd is the unmixed one and includes some fantastic soulful tracks as Kenny Bobien's "Love won't give up", Diplomats Of Soul's "Someday we'll all be free", Tortured Soul's "Alaways in heaven when I'm with you", Bah Samba's "Far away" as well as some jazzy infected tracks as B-Soul's "Jazz piano in d minor", East West Connection's "Love music", and others. The second CD is a mixed one and includes many of the tracks of the unmixed cd plus some other gems.   (Franco Martinelli) 

THE RHYTHM SLAVES “Shine on too” (Real Basic) 

Next up on Realbasic is the soulful and catchy vocal track by The Rhythm Slaves called "Shine on too“. This is a beautiful vocal soulful song provided with hot remixes by MoD, Shik Stylko and Lorenz Rhode. The "Original mix" is really hot, with warm rhodes chords, nice guitars, infectious bassline, strings, brasses and of course the unique and smooth voice of Richard Gow. MoD (Juan Sunshine) puts his trademark style to the track adding an uplifting latin and jazzy mood on a solid and percussive groove. "Shik Stylko Robot dub" is a powerful mixture of tribal, funk and electro, while Lorenz Rhodes provides a peaktime version for the main room floors.   (Franco Martinelli) 

JUKE JOINT "Dance 2 house" remixes (Look At You) 

The original version of this track appears on last summer's "The Sawdust E.P.". Now DJ Dealer & DJ Sensé provides this strong remixes package that includes their own "Jukey Remix" which is a powerful groovy funky track that never lets up, as well as a strong and effective "C&M's Reconstruction Remix", plus an useful acapella/dj tool track.   (Franco Martinelli) 

VARIOUS ARTISTS "A Tom Moulton mix" LP (Soul Jazz Record) 

Tom Moulton is one of the most important people in the history of dance music. From inventing the first ever 12" single to remixer to the stars, the trademark "A Tom Moulton Mix" is a mark of quality given to only the finest records. This is the first album to bring together some of the classic and rare tracks that have been blessed with "A Tom Moulton Mix", it is a double CD package just released on Jazz Soul Records. There are 16 classic tracks in this album, including MFSB's "Love is the message", Al Downing's "I'll be holding", Andrea True Connection's "More, more, more", "La vie en rose" by Grace Jones, "Moonlight loving" by Isaac Hayes, "Peace pipe" by BT Express just to name a few, but all the 16 tracks deserves to be mentioned because this album is not only music, this is a bright page of dance music history. Considernig the large number of tracks remixed or produced by Tom Moulton we really hope this album is only the first of a long series. Absolutely essential.   (Franco Martinelli) 

ANTIGEN ft. Andrea Martin "So what" (Stylus) 

Stylus new release "So what" by Antigen ft. Andrea Martin is another interesting and powerful track. The man behind Antigen is Hani that we all know well for his 1990's hit "Baby wants to ride". This new song is an hot filtered funky house track infected with some disco elements and a catchy old school vibe, enriched by the excellent vocal performance of Andrea Martin. Two strong Dub Mixes and a Radio Edit version are also included.   (Franco Martinelli)  

MOCHICO "Thirst" (Mochicoprimo!) 

The new Mochico release is another strong and powerful house track. "Thirst" conbines a pumpin' house groove with electronic elements and a raw but effective female vocal line. There are two versions of the track on the vinyl, both very strong and perfect for the peaktime moments, an hypnotic and darker "Eddie Amador Mix" and a more pumpin' and electronic infected "Mochicotronik remix".   (Franco Martinelli)  

T & A "Freaks on the floor" (Ospina Digital)

Tank Martinez & Pete Atlas teamed up for their debut on Ospina Digital Recording with this powerful funky house track called "Freaks on the floor". The "Original mix" is a classic funky affair with a driven percussive groove, infectious bassline and some killer stabs, the "T&A Greek Freekin Rican Mix" follows the same road, adding a fresh latin vibe. The "Ospina remix" is simply powerful, with a strong solid groove and a deeper vibe while the "Phunk Investigation remix" is an awesome funky stuff.   (Franco Martinelli) 

VARIOUS ARTISTS "For the love of house" LP (Defected) 

"For the love of house" is a stunning compilation that includes 45 house gems taken from the Defected back catalogue and provided in 3 powerful mixed sets. There are too many hot tracks to mention, this is a fantastic journey into some of the best funky house track of the last years, provided by some of the most influential artists and produces as MAW, Sandy Rivera, Soul Central, Junior Jack, ATFC, Michelle Weeks, Jay J, Martin Solveig, Kathy Brown and Roland Clark, just to name a few. This is an high quality triple CD album at a very low price.   (Franco Martinelli) 

FUZION feat. Wallace Gary "U (U got me)" (Fuzion) 

Fuzion's new record "U (U got me)" is another vocal house gem. This single, taken from the upcoming album from George Mena and Franke Estevez "Lose Control" features the beautiful vocal performace by talented singer Wallace Gary. It is a powerful uplifting track with a soulful vibe, great vocals and a driven groove, provided in 3 versions, Vocal, Dub and Instrumental.   (Franco Martinelli) 

YASS "I believe" (Purple) 

The new Purple's release comes from French producer Yass that presents a powerful vocal house track in four mixes. "I Believe" is an infectious funky track with intense female vocals over an irresistible and powerful groove. The package includes also strong two strong Dub mixes as well as a Revisted Dub courtesy of Jamie Lewis.   (Franco Martinelli) 

THE LITTLE BIG BAND “Pressure” (One51) 

Little Big Band are back on One51 with a new powerful and infectious funky house track. “Pressure” feauters Simon Green on lead vocals and the record includes also two strong remixes courtesy of Richard Earnsaw. The "Original mix" is a classic funky house track, whilst the "Richard’s re-touch mix" toughens things up a little and the "Dub mix" is the right one for the peaktime moments.   (Franco Martinelli) 

Dj MFR "Do you remember" (Transport) 

Transport Recordings presents its new release, "Do You Remember" by Dj MFR, this solid track features the spoken words vocals of Tony Green and is provided in four strong mixes. The "Club mix" is a classic Transport production, a solid house track infected with latin tinged elements and percussive groove, the "Late nite mix" is a deeper affair, while the "Airmix" is a fresh and powerful one that features a beautiful electric guitar solo. The record closes with the "Do you remeber flava mix".   (Franco Martinelli) 

BOB SINCLAR "Western dream" LP (d:Vision) 

With this new album Bob Sinclar confirms to be one of the most eclectic and exciting artists of our times. "Western Dream" is essentially a pop album, but seen from a "dance artist" point of wiew and the result is awesome. Sinclar combines in a perfect way fresh pop ballads (Miss me, In the name of love, Give a lil' love, Shaning fronm heaven) with powerful old school electronic rhythms (Everybody movin'), rock infected tracks (For you, Sing my song), the blues of "Tennesee" and the latin broken beats of "Amora amor" for a total of 11 little gems, including the hit singles "Love generation" and "World, hold on". This is a quality album.   (Franco Martinelli) 

LOLEATTA HOLLOWAY "Love Sensation 2006" (Sound Division) 

Sound Division licensed this brilliant track fron Loleatta Holloway and releases a powerful package that includes four strong remixes of this timeless classic as well as the beautiful "Original mix". The "Hi_Tack burnin' up club mix" is a powerful one, simple and effective, with pumpin' beats and an electro vibe, Freemansons adds their trademark sound for another essential club winner. The "7th heaven's back to 54mix" is an irresistible driven and funky mix, while Dead Stereo provides an electronic remix.   (Franco Martinelli) 

RONAN "We got it EP" (Swank) 

Argentinian producer Ronan Portela releases his new EP for Swank Records, "We got it" includes 3 hot funky tracks, the title track is a powerful one, with solid beats, funky bass, smooth guitars and a sweet vocal hook. On the flipside, “Even better” goes deeper and dubby, with an irresistible driven bassline, while "Let it out" goes deep again adding an old school vibe to it.   (Franco Martinelli)  

RICHARD DINSDALE ft. Wray "Pulling me under EP" (Toolroom Trax) 

Richard Dinsdale is for sure one of the hottest electronic dance producers of the moment, his new record "Pulling me under" is a powerful 3 track EP that is gonna be release soon on Toolroom Trax. The title-track is a pumping house track with electro bassline and a catchy vocal courtesy of Wray. "Simple text" is an underground electro track full of tough grooves, stabs and bleeps. "Don't feed" is a bumping groover with a rolling bassline and again Wray on vocals.   (Franco Martinelli) 

AUDIOWHORES ft. Pete Simpson "Not going back" (Tempogroove) 

I love this record ! Audiowhores lauch their own Recording Label Tempogroove with this brilliant release featuring the beautiful soulful vocals of Pete Simpson. "Not going back" is an uplifting funky-house track with solid groove and warm chords. DJ Meme's remix is even more funky and infected with some disco elements, perfect for the dancefloor. An hot "Dub mix" is also included.   (Franco Martinelli)   

BAZWAANA & KEITH THOMPSON "Worlds collide EP1" (Waking Monster) 

This superd EP is a stellar selection of Afro, Jazz and Soul tinged housey grooves. Bazwaana's "Free my soul" is an uplifting soulful house affair featuring the voice of Prudence Phokobye, while "Ora cabessa" is a firey latin house flavoured instrumental. Both tracks are packaged with a large dose of percussive beats and brass, including freestyle jazzy trumpet solo that will set the floor on fire. On the flip side "Africa in your veins" is a soulful afro-house flavoured track laced with sunny guitar licks and the delicious vocals of Keith Thompson, complete with a tasy selection of mixes.   (Franco Martinelli)  

BALAGE ft. Dolores Petersen "Got you on my mind" (Generate) 

This delicious soulful track is produced by Balage Antal that teams up with jazz singer Dolores Petersen and together they wrote "Get you on my mind". The "Original mix" has beautiful keys, solid beats and guitar elements as well as a haunting sweet melody and a jazzy touch. The "Deepswing Jazzy affair mix" is a brilliant remix that flips the mood to the brighter side, while Justin Michael & Darwin Paul provides a more groovy and pumpin' remix.   (Franco Martinelli)  

RICHARD EARNSHAW feat. James Vargas “Inside & Out” (Duff Note) 

Duff Note keeps releasing quality soulful house and this new record is another little gem, “Inside & Out” by Richard Earnshaw ft. James Vargas is a classic soulful house track with a powerul funky touch, it has solid beats, wicked keys, horns elements and funky guitar as well as a beautiful vocal line. The "Groove Junkies remix" is a more funky and poweful affair set up to move the dancefloor.   (Franco Martinelli)   

DJ DOVE ft. Dana Gold "I know I want you" (Essence) 

Essence Records is back with a powerful peaktime vocal house track from DJ Dove. "I know I want you" is a strong track with bouncing bassline, hooky pads, a juicy piano part as well as a great vocal line performed by Dana Gold. Label boss Phil Cheesman goes a bit darker with his dub mix, a minimal excursion dripping with atmosphere. The "Dove's dub" is also included.   (Franco Martinelli)  

Mr PINK & Mr BROWN "L.o.v.e." [Hot’n’dirty main vox dub] (Colour of House promo) 

This promo is hot! Unfortunatelly there's only one track available at the moment but it is a powerful one. "L.o.v.e." Hot’n’dirty main vox dub is a strong filtered house track with solid beats, an infectious percussive groove, raw synth sounds enriched with some  powerful and catchy vocals. This track rocks the dancefloor.   (Franco Martinelli)  

KLEMENT BONELLI ft. Dragon Fly "Nocturnal" rmxs (NewLite) 

Here comse the remixes package for Klement Bonelli's track "Nocturnal" and what a big one it is. The "Nick and Danny remix" is an irresistible groovy track infected with some electronic and deep-tech elements. Sueno Soul's Alex Wheeler kicks on with the stright up house vibes, crafting a classic melodic piano hook for a powerful house mix, while partner Dom Navarra goes deeper and provides a fantastic mix filled with chillout and jazzy elements.   (Franco Martinelli)   

RAUL MOROS "Old Skool Flava EP" (Delecto) 

Raul Moros makes his Delecto debut with an hot EP of latin infused funk entitled "Old skool flava". The "Original mix" is a perfect latin-house track with classic latin keys, percussion grooves and is filled with ethnic vocals. The "Dub" is a powerful and groovy affair, with a catchy piano, twisted synth and electric guitar, while "La negra" is another fresh latin-house track.   (Franco Martinelli)   

DANNY CLARK Presents HEART 'N' SOUL "Feel it in your soul" (Soulfunk) 

The forthcoming Soulfunk Digital release "Feel it in your soul", is a strong funky track provided in four mixes. The "Original mix" is a classic funky-house track filled with some hot soulful elements, it has a powerful groove, infectious bassline, horns, guitar elements and great rhodes keys. The "Neil B & Danny Clark Funky" is a pure funky delight with killer horns and a 70s disco vibe.   (Franco Martinelli)  

KID CREME ft. Bashiyra "The game" (Illegal beats) 

"The game" is the latest release by Kid Creme on his Illegal Beats imprint and it is the first track he has choosen to release since 2004's "Doing my own thing". The "Kid's voodoo mix" is a tougher track infected by a dark mood, where the soulful vocals of Bashiyra contrast aginst the raw drum pattens and the dark electronic bassline. The "Kid's piano mix" is a brighter version with a fresh classy piano that adds an uplifting vibe to the track.   (Franco Martinelli)  

MARTIN BRODIN "Big Bang" (ProgCity) 

Swedish producer Martin Brodin releases his new single on ProgCity Records, "Big Bang" is a solid electro house track with poweful synth sounds and an irresistible percussion groove. On the flipside So Phat provides a strong and infectious deep tech remix.  (Franco Martinelli)  


"Zaab" by Raw Artistic Soul is a stunning record, it combines funky rhythms and a cool jazzy and soulful vibe for an outstanding result. The "Main mix" is awesome and captures the spirt of George Benson thanks to the amazing guitar and scat-vocal talent of Patrick Wieland. The "Minimal dub" is a more minimal and powerful version, while Ralf Gum provides a slamming funky mix for the dancefloor. A "Vocal dub mix" is also included.   (Franco Martinelli)  

DIPLOMATS OF SOUL "Someday" (Expansion) 

What a fantastic record is this, a beautiful cover version of the Donny Hatawey classic "Someday", provided in several mixes, including Notenshun and Yam Who? versions. The "Main mix" is a soulful gem enriched by the outstanding vocal performance by the British soul legend Noel McKoy. Notenshun provides a stripped down mix, with solid beats, funky bassline and sophisticated chords, while the "Yam Who? mix" is an infectious soul version with a fresh jazzy vibe. The vinyl includes also "From here on" a sophisticated soulful and jazzy instrumental track with a seventies feel.   (Franco Martinelli)  


Maxine Braham new single "If" is another soulful bullett, this beautiful track taken from the Maxine's album will be soon released on BKO as a single, including Bah Samba and Bahsonik remixes. The "Bah Samba remix" is simply awesome, it has a solid percussive groove, infectious bassline, warm rhodes chords, beautiful strings, and that fantastic vocals from Maxine Braham. The "Bahsonic dub" is a more percussive and groovy affair.   (Franco Martinelli)  

COPYRIGHT ft. Song Williamson "He is" (d:Vision) 

Copyright's new single "He is" has been one of the hottest tracks in Miami this year. This powerful gospel-house track is now released on a 12" that includes the Original mix, the Ferrer & Sydenham remix as well as the Shelter dub. The original "Classic mix" is an uplifting gospel-house track with great piano chords, funky guitar and a brilliant vocal line. The "Ferrer & Sydenham Vox mix" is a powerful groovy version with a driven hypnotic bass, some dark pads and that beautiful gospel vocal line once again.   (Franco Martinelli)  

MINK "Glory of Life" [DFA remixes] (King Street) 

Originally released in February, this remix package of Mink's "Glory of life" includes the new and soulful DFA remixes. Darryl James (aka DFA) provides two remixed versions (Vocal and Dub) of this pop-dance hit, adding some classic soulful elements for a more sophisticated taste.   (Franco Martinelli)  

MARSHALL JEFFERSON "Colors ep part.2" (USB) 

Marshall Jefferson is back on USB with the second part of his "Colors EP". This is another hot 2 track record of pure house music with an old school vibe. "Orange" is a powerful groovy track with infectious piano line and trademark strings, while "Brown" is an hot funky one.   (Franco Martinelli)  

STEAL VYBE "Missing you" (Stalwart) 

Stalwart's new release is "Missing you" by Steal Vybe, an hot soulful track provided in 3 versions on the vinyl. The "Club mix" has a powerful groove, pumpin' bassline, soulful keys and a sweet vocal line, the "Instrumental mix" has the same elements but no vocals, while the "Late nite mix" is a beautiful soulful house track with a softer groove and great instrumentation that perfectly fits with the wonderful vocals, spreading a warm and deep vibe.   (Franco Martinelli)  

SIRS! "Shaketake ep" (ProgCity Deep) 

ProgCity Deep goes a bit electronic this time with this interesting EP from Sirs! , this record includes "Shaketake" on the A side, a track that combines some electronic and hypnotic old school elements with a pecussive groove. On the B side "Fixation" is a deep and infectious electronic track with a driven bassline, some spacey atmosphere and vocal samples. A useful DJ tool track is also included.   (Franco Martinelli)  

PEPPERMINT JAM ARTISTS "Box of tricks" 3 cd Box (Peppermint Jam) 

This beautiful 3 cd box, was made for promotional use at the 2006 Winter Music Conference in Miami and it is a very intersting collection. CD 1 is called "The Future" and collect some of the new and forthcoming tracks from Peppermint Jam, including songs from Incognito "Listen to the music", So Phat "The surface", Warren G, RC Grooves and D'Jaimin just to name a few. The CD 2 is called "The Past" and is a collection of some of the most popular tracks released on Peppermint Jam, and includes some very big hits like "Keep pushing" by Boris Dlugosch, "Horny" by Mousse T, "Saturday" by Cunnie Willaiams, Tom Jones "Sexbomb", Inaya Day's "Nasty girl" and others. The third Cd "New Deep Collection" contains new and fortchoming tracks from Prog City and ProgCity deep, including some hot songs like Ray Paxon's "Dream on" , Liquid People's "Abstract", "Ka yoko" and "My deep space" by Tiger Stripes and others.   (Franco Martinelli)  

REDSOUL & RaShaan Houston "It's alright" (Generate) 

Dave "Redsoul" Wareing, one of the UK's soulful producers of the moment, teamed up with RaShaan Houston to create this beautiful track, coming soon on Generate Music. "It's alright" is a strong funky, gospel, disco driven house track with a soulful vibe, enriched by the brilliant vocal performance of RaShaan Houston. The "DJ Meme vocal club mix" is a powerful classic one, with beautiful Salsoul-esque strings, killer keys, piano and pumpin' bassline, while the "Soularis remix" is a fresh broken-beats cut.   (Franco Martinelli)  

YAM WHO? ft. Noel McKoy "Summertime" (Papa) 

Papa's new release is another hot one,"Summertime" is a new re-interpretation of the Leroy Burgess produced classic from High Frequency, provided by Yam Who? . This track is absolutely brilliant, it is a joyful and fresh soulful house track with solid beats, infectious keys, silky strings and soulfiul voices, featuring lead vocals from London soul legend Noel McKoy. The "Instrumental mix" is also included.   (Franco Martinelli)  

FSB ft Diane Carter "Dr. Feelgood" (MoreHouse) 

The new Morehouse release is another "bomb", this beutiful modern funky powerful track is provided by FSB (Funky Soul Brothers) and features the great vocal performance by Diane Carter. "Dr. Feelgood" has powerful beats, funky bassline and guitar, an irresistible piano line, great strings and a beautiful organ solo, as well as some spoken words parts. "Dub mix" and "Acappella" versions are also included in the vinyl.   (Franco Martinelli)   

SPIRITCHASER feat. Seyi “U-Control” (Guess) 

After the success of the "Re-intro ep" Spiritchaser are back with a beautiful vocal re-work of one of the tracks from their EP, “U-Control” new mixes fetures the hot vocal performance by Seyi and includes 4 brand new versions. The "Spiritchaser's reconstruction mix" and the "Afrotech revival mix" employ most of the original parts, while Spiritchaser’s club mix and Sleepless dub are mixing up a whole new batch of new ingredients.   (Franco Martinelli)  

DJ PROM feat Tammy Wright "Slow It Down" (Litmus) 

Comning soon on Litmus Records, the new DJ Prom's release is a powerful funky vocal house track with a fresh latin summer vibe, thanks to a catchy driven piano line and a warm groove. The "Warren Clark remix" is a bumpin' peak time affair, driven by a powerful and infectious bassline and a solid funky groove, while the "Maxed Out Dub" is a darker and more electronic track.   (Franco Martinelli)  

BLAZE ft. Barbara Tucker "Most precious love" part4 (King Street) 

Here comes another remix package for the already classic "Most precious love", and what a powerful one it is. The "Freemanson's proper club mix" is an irresistible peaktime track destined to shake the dancefloor for months once again, DJ Takashiro provides a fabulous, more lush and ethereal mix, while the "Sergio Flores Scientific Soul afro vox mix" has a lovely melodic afrobeat feel that brings a completely different element to this record and finally Ian Carey delivers a powerful funky house mix in his trademark style.   (Franco Martinelli)  

ANANDA PROJECT "Suite Dreams” [Timewriter & Solu Remixes] (Nite Grooves) 

This hot new record from Ananda Project includes Timewriter & Solu remixes of the beautiful "Sweet dreams", a track taken from their critically acclaimed "Morning light" album. Timewriter provides a minimal but intense remix, with solid rhythm parts and synth tones that properly fits with the beautiful and sweet vocal performance by Lydia Rhodes. Meanwhile NY producers Solu give us a deeper track with Hammond organ riffs, sweet piano chords and lovely laid back percussive groove.   (Franco Martinelli)  

PAUL HARRIS & KEVIN SWAIN pr. Bohemia "Change down" (SR2) 

Paul Harris & Kevin Swain teams up with singer Bohemia for their new release on SR2, "Change down" is a lush vocal track that promises to be a smash for radio and dancefloor alike. There are several remixes in the package, including an hot groovy remix of ATFC. Paul and Kevin provides their own individual remixes too, with Paul's harking back to his previous SR2 release "Watching falling stars". Some Dub mixes, Radio cut and acapella tools are also included.   (Franco Martinelli)   

April  2006

TIMMY VEGAS & BARBARA TUCKER "Dutty funk (We can do)" (MN2S) 

MN2S confirms to be one of the hottest Labels of the moment, providing another brilliant release. "Dutty funk (We can do)" is a strong funky house track produced by Timmy Vegas (one half of Soul Central) and enriched with a breautiful vocal performace by Barbara Tucker. The package also includes several remixes from some of the top producers in the house scene. Knee Deep deliver a beautiful driving mix, Audiowhores leave their mark with a powerful and funky version, Johnny Fiasco adds some acid sounds in his tougher mix, while both Soularis and Soulworks provides some deeper versions.   (Franco Martinelli)  

PHIL HOOTON "Revelations / Afro Phunk" (Phuture Rhythms)

Phuture Sole Recordings introduces its new track label Phuture Rhythms with this powerful 2 tracks EP from Phil Hooton. "Revelations" is a jazzy tinged groovy track with horns section, percussive groove and an infectious nocturnal mood. "Afro phunk" on the other side is simply awesome, combines a powerful percussive and funky groove with a hot trumpet solo that adds to the track a fresh jazzy vibe.   (Franco Martinelli)  

BIG BROOKLYN RED "He Moves" (Deep Haven) 

Big Brooklyn Red's "He Moves" is the debut release for Deep Haven, a smooth, sexy and funky soulful house track produced by Scott Wozniak and remixed by DJ Man X and Scott Wozniak. This is a beautiful soulful track with solid beat, a great bassline, infectious chords and most of all an amazing and inspired vocal performace. Unfortunately this is the only track included in this promo, but what a great one !   (Franco Martinelli) 

CENTRAL AVENUE ft. Caterina Rea "We've got joy" (Duff Note)

This is another beautiful soulful release from Duff Note, "We've got joy" is the new single of Central Avenue feturing the vocal talent of Caterina Rea. The "Original mix" is a smooth and quality soulful track, while the "Naked soul dub" has a warm percussive groove, infectious bassline, great rhodes chords and a beutiful trumpet solo. Richard Earnshaw adds some powerful beats in his remixes, creating two solid and bumpin' Vocal and Dub mixes.   (Franco Martinelli) 

MILESART ORCHESTRA ft. Marcel "Disco Tales" (Look At You) 

Long time Ibiza dj Joan Ribas is the front man for Milesart Orchestra and their new release on LAY Records is a strong funky track infected with some soulful and disco elements. The "John Ribas musical mix" has solid beats, a funky bassline, soulful chords, a strong 70's string hook and spoken words vocal line provided by Marcel. There are 4 versions of the track on the vinyl, including an "Instrumental Mix", an "Accapella" and a "DJ tool" track.   (Franco Martinelli)  

CEVIN FISHER'S ILLUZION "Don't make me wait" (Stylus Music)

Stylus is a new interesting label and their debut release is a very powerful house track from Cevin Fisher. "Don't make me wait" sees Cevin Fisher switch his more recent minimal tribal grooves for something a little funkier, the "Original mix" is an uplifting and quality piece of classic vocal house, while the "Dub mix" is a little tougher in the rhythm department. Paul Harris and Julian Peake aka Superbass provides two powerful and electronic remixes that will please for sure the more electro dancefloors.   (Franco Martinelli) 

SO PHAT! "The surface EP" (Peppermint Jam) 

So Phat! is back with a very powerful and electronic two tracks ep that features Dacia Bridges on vocals. "The surface" is a piece of bumpin' , catchy electro house track topped with the female vocals over it. "Option 29" on the B side is a more techy and tougher affair.   (Franco Martinelli) 

STEEL FAMILY pres. "Electro advanced vol.1" LP  (Beside)

If you are looking for a powerful and alternative electro house selection of brand new tracks, take a look at this LP coming from Beside Records. "Electro advanced vol.1" is a very interesting LP for all the electro and minimal lovers, the 12 tracks are sometimes deep, sometimes driving, but for sure they all have an alternative feel. I don't wanna mention one track or another, this is an hot electronic album on the whole.   (Franco Martinelli)  

280 WEST ft. Diamond Temple with Ray, Goodman & Brown "I never knew"  (Phuture Sole) 

"I never knew" is a beautiful record, a collaboration between 280 West and Diamond Temple that provides, with the help of Ray, Goodman & Brown, an outstanding and intense soulful vocal performance. The "280 West mix" is an excellent piece of uplifting vocal house with a driven funky groove, infectious bassline, jazzy keys and powerful horns that gives the track an irresistible funky vibe. The "Dub mix" is pure funky energy, with less vocals, while the "Reprise mix" is a kind of beatless soulful version.   (Franco Martinelli) 

HANNA HAIS "Jazz samba" (Atal) 

The new Hanna Hais single "Jazz samba" is a fresh latin tinged track produced by Danny Marquez. The "Original mix" combines spanish guitars with a cool house groove and a catchy vocal line. The "Ian Carey remix" is a "big room" affair, he adds a solid groove, funky guitars and a killer bassline. The vinyl also includes a sophisticated and stylish lounge downtempo version, the "Uranus Lounge remix" as well as an Acapella tool.   (Franco Martinelli)

SOUL LEGACY & Whitney Houston "I'm every woman" (white)

Fabio Bacchini and Matteo Ionescu joint forces to retouch a Whitney Houston's calssic, "I'm every woman". Their Vocal remix is a groovy and bumpin' track with poweful beats, a funky bassline and classic piano keys. The "Dub mix" is a more instrumental affair, enriched with some soft and jazzy rhodes keys.   (Franco Martinelli)

ATGAR "African tale" (Real Basic) 

"African tale" is the forthcoming release from Real Basic and is produced by Hungarian talent Atgar. This is a beautiful afro-house track with catchy afro-vocal bits, a solid percussive groove and nice flute parts. Shik Stylko provides two pumpin' remixes, adding a powerful funky vibe in their "Late nite remix" and some infectious electronic elements in the "Shik Stylko dub".   (Franco Martinelli)

RICHARD DINSDALE "Bora" (d:Vision / SR2) 

Richard Dinsdale is one of the hottest produces in the electro-house scene of taday, his new release "Bora" is a powerful electronic track enriched with some old school percussion elements and some "bits" sounds. On the B side, the "Rich's Mr Soffit remix" is even more interesting, driven by a powerful funky bassline.   (Franco Martinelli) 

CASS & MANGAN “I didn’t mean to turn you on” (SAW) 

Speaking of electronic house, this new release from Cass & Mangan on SAW Recordings is a real hot one. “I didn’t mean to turn you on” is the cover of the Robert Palmer track from the 80's and is provided in two mixes, the "Original mix" has a dark and electronic vibe infected with some eighties sounds and an intense vocal line. The "Dub mix" is a less vocal but more hipnotic affair.   (Franco Martinelli)

PETER RAUHOFER "I love New York" LP compilation (Star 69) 

Peter Rauhofer presents his brand new compilation "I love New York". This double mixed Cd includes 24 tracks (many never relased before) of bumpin' and infectious underground club music. The CD 1 is a fantastic musical ride into the NY underground scene, this irresistible set includes tracks from Ron Carroll "Hoes in this house", Camorina "Sixteen years", Miguel Picasso "I love old school", Julian Poker, Delgado and many others. The second CD is a little more bumpin' and electronic infected, including tracks from Club 69 "I look good", Offer Nissim "First time", Cevin Fisher "Love you some more", John Tejada "Voyager", Peter Rauhofer "Believe in me" and Mike Monday, just to name a few.   (Franco Martinelli)

VARIOUS ARTISTS "DSR Spring 2006 Sampler" (Double Shock)

This excellent sampler coming from Double Shock Records includes some very hot tracks. Alison David's "Dreams come true" is provided in two different versions, a poweful and electronic "Jupiter Ace rmx" and a funkier and groovy remix from MoD. Fresh 27 feat. Robina "Butterfly" is a lovely soulful track with a beautiful and sweet vocal line over a warm percussive groove. The package also includes the beautiful Simon Grey remix of "Thinking of you" by Layers Of Sound feat. Melissa D.   (Franco Martinelli)

FERRY B feat Danna Leese "Don't Stop the Feeling" (Mod)

This is another awesome release coming soon on MoD Recordings. Ferry B. team up with vocalist Danna Leese for his new single and the result is this beautiful vocal house track with a soulful vibe. "Don't Stop the Feeling" is provided in 3 hot mixes, including a stunning "MoD Samba Trip Mix". The "Original live mix" is an infectious soulful version with a great vocal performance, warm rhodes keys and a beautiful guitar solo on a solid funky groove. The "Dub mix" is a groovy affair, while the MoD remix is a fresh latin infected track with amazing samba breakdowns.   (Franco Martinelli)

THE SUNBURST BAND "For all eternity ep" (ZR) 

Produced by the modern-funky genius Joey Negro, this fantastic EP from Sunburst Band is one of the hottest things around these days. The Joey Negro remix of "For all eternity" is a brilliant example of pure modern-funk, with that powerful solid groove and that infectious synth bassline, this track is simply awesome. There are also two Idjut Boys remixes of "Twinkle" on the record, a beutiful funky track with a soulful vibe, enriched by a stunning spoken-words vocal line. The last track on this ep is another gret one, the "Joey Negro strip mix" of "Until the end of time".   (Franco Martinelli)

FABIO BACCHINI "Disco times EP" (SolidSoul) 

After his recent "Space Grooves EP" on Refunkt, Fabio Bacchini is back with another powerful funky-house record on Solid Soul. "Disco Soul EP" includes two strong tracks, "Back in time" is a filtered funky house affair with a male spoken words vocals on a solid groove enriched with classic funky elements, while "One more time" is another funky-filtered track with a more uplifting vibe.   (Franco Martinelli)

ROCHELLE FLEMING "Are you ready for me" (d:Vision) 

This track from First Choiche's vocalist Rochelle Fleming receives the Woody Bianchi remix treatment for this release on d:Vision. "Are you ready for me" is provided in two versions on this vinyl, the "Classic mix" is an uplifting vocal house track with a poweful funky vibe, while the "Electroluv mix" is a more electronic and darker affair.   (Franco Martinelli)

CEVIN FISHER "Love you some more" (Star 69) 

"Love you some more" is the new Cevin Fisher release on Star 69, it is a simple and powerful house track able to move every dancefloor. There are several mixes in the package, including the smooth and funky "Exacta smooth operator mix", the bumpin' and groovy Hector Fonseca mix, the powerful and electronic infected Peter Rauhofer mix, as well as an infectious Steve Lawler mix and of course the Original one.   (Franco Martinelli)

KAREN OVERTON "Your loving arms" (Supra) 

Karen Overton's remake of the classic Billie Ray Martin track "Your loving arms" is a real hot one. The "Club mix" has a dark and infectious electronic mood that perfectly fits with the intense vocal performance of Karen Overton. The "Andrew Bennett remix" is a powerful and heavier affair, set up to rock the dancefloor.   (Franco Martinelli)

Mr GROOVE feat. Salvo "I Dont Know How" (24 Seven) 

Mr Groove team up with vocalist Salvo for his new release on 24 Seven "I don't know how", provided in 4 different mixes. The "Original mix" is a groovy track with a catchy and pop vocal line, the "London 909 mix" is a heavier and electronic affair, Robbie Rivera provides a powerful "Afterhour mix" adding his trademark electronic sound and cutting most of the vocals, while Steve Smooth & JJ Flores are responasable for another powerful and electronic mix.   (Franco Martinelli)

MoD feat. Gee-K "Downtown lady" (Mod) 

MoD teamed up again with vocalist Gee-K for the release of this awesome track "Downtown lady". The vinyl includes also some hot remixes from Ferry B and Juke Joint. The "Original mix" is a soulful gem, it is a sophisticated musical ride on solid beats, with infectious rhodes keys, guitar, horns and the beautiful vocal performance by Gee-K . Ferry B adds a powerful percussive groove and some electronic sounds in his dancefloor friendly "Afrolatin mix", while Juke Joint provides two funky and groovy versions.   (Franco Martinelli) 

CHRISTIAN ALVAREZ feat DRE "Feel the Groove" (Delecto) 

This new Delecto release is an hot soulful track infected with funky elements and provided in several versions. The "Original mix" spreads the soulful vibe, with saxophone, warm electric piano, spoken words parts and a funky bassline on a solid groove. The "2 Brothers of Soul remix" goes more soulful, infected with some jazzy elements, while the "CM Production mix" is a groovy version and the "FDF & D Mess dub" is a poweful and pumpin' mix.   (Franco Martinelli)

JOILLET "Rise" Louis Benedetti mixes (Soulshine)

Originally included in the "Soulshine Sampler 2005 EP", this track received the Louis Benedetti remix treatment for the new release. Rise's new versions are really hot, with a solid groove, funky bassline, guitar, rhodes keys and of course the fantastic vocal performance by Jolliet.   (Franco Martinelli)

VARIOUS ARTISTS "Abstract Latin Journey EP" (Nite Grooves) 

Taken from the forthcoming "Abstract Latin Journey" new album mixed by Julius Papp, this first ep includes some very hot and latin infected tracks. "Alberto's way mix" of Matthias Heilbronn's track "The greatest thing" is an infectious and awesome jazzy one, Myra'a "Talk to me" is a total relaxing downtwempo version of the original, with an hot trumpet solo, Louie Vega provides a "beats" track of Groove Box's "Latin ritual", while Julius Papp ft. Gina Rene's track "A thousand years" is a soft and sophisticated song with warm pads and acoustic guitar.   (Franco Martinelli)

SOUL BASICS "City lite" (Soulfunk Digital)

Soulfunk Digital's new release is another great soulful track provided in two hot mixes. "City lite" Original Mix is a sophisticated house track with great atmospheric pads and a jazzy vibe, while the "Calypso mix" is a  fresher summer version with a percussive latin tinged groove and that same jazzy vibe.   (Franco Martinelli)

OFFER NISSIM feat. Maya "First time" (Star 69) 

"First time" is probably the best track from the Offer Nissim album and finally it is released as a single. The vinyl includes the powerful "Original club mix" as well as the irresistible Peter Rauhofer's mix, that adds some more electronic sounds to the track. On the CD single are included 4 more versions, the darker "Hector Fonseca remix", the deeper "Airmale remix", the groovy "Ohzee & the Butcha remix" as well as the Jose Spinnin version.   (Franco Martinelli) 

DJ RAGE "Disco dancer EP" (Toolroom Trax) 

This powerful electro house ep from DJ Rage includes 4 hot tracks of pure electronic sound for the dancefloor. "Disco dancer" re edited by Mark Knight is a slab of dirty electro house with an old school computer vocal and a "disco" breakdown. "Dat funk" is a pure electronic madness born from the collaboration beteween DJ Rage and Joachim Gerraud (David Guetta's producer) "On da cutz" is another dirty electro track, while the record ends with a clean version of "Disco dancer".   (Franco Martinelli) 

DJ FARRAPO & YANEZ "Baiano vem baiano vai" (Afro Art)

If you're looking for something alternative, don't lose this great record on Afro Art. "Baiano vem baiano vai" is the debut release for italian production team DJ Ferrapo & Yanez on the Paul Murphy's label, and what an hot one it is. This track is a mix of bossa, breaks and drum&bass, enriched with a catchy and irresistible latin vocal line. There are two versions on the vinyl, including the Paul Murphy remix as well as a less vocal dub.   (Franco Martinelli)

REZA "Bitter & twisted" (Spread) 

On the electronic side, this new release from Reza on Spread Records is a very powerful one. "Bitter & twisted" is a simple and effective track with a catchy vocal line, a poweful bassline and a big dancefloor impact. On the B side, the "Richard F & Ralphie Romance Remix" is more a filtered affair but spreads the same big energy.   (Franco Martinelli)

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